Anyone with a street legal over 2HP or 50cc in California? Which form did you use?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Rgvkid, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Rgvkid

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    Theres a thread going on about registering Motored bicycles and some of the concerns are if you are running over 2HP or over 50cc. Our concerns on complying with the law is what registration forms to use. Do we fill out the under 2hp moped form and fib about the actual displacement? Or use registration form 406 and worry about having to get insurance if asked for? Have you ever been pulled over and been asked about the size of the engine?

    If anyone has registered there bike, any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Mountainman

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    sounds like -- may be a problem

    if you are wanting to reg in Calif as a motorized (legal) bicycle
    you must be 2hp or under
    I think that all 50cc's would be well over that

    we will see what other's think -- hope that you get to ride that THING
  3. An athlete can put out a burst of maybe 1.4 hp and maintain .8 hp for extended periods of time. That said I think my chingine girl is thumpin out maybe 2.0 hp (50cc RAW); not the 4-6 hp that's being touted by the manufacturers. Maybe I'm wrong?
  4. Mountainman

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    all engines come in just a little different
    guessing that the average 50cc engine would be 3 to 4 hp
    thus -- just a little bit over the Calif 2 hp limit for motorized bicycles

    ride that thing
  5. ocscully

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    I think that most of the calif. members here are using the 2HP or less form (see link) They are trying to avoid the need for insurance and annual registration as well as the need for full compliance with safty equipment. (headlight, tail light, turn signals, horn etc.)

  6. Accender

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    Roger that!

    fudge on the cc and hp, and you will receive a reg card and plate.

    I did not fudge as I run a ge four stroke but they never looked at my bike and just sent me the plate and reg.
    It would be a "WAY" bored cop to follow up (once you provided a reg slip)

    please don't feel like you are cheating with your MB~ as the Escalades rule the state.

  7. Unreal HP

    Hey guys, ride a GX50 that was rated by a reputable company, then the Chinese 2-stroke. NOT 3 hp in a wild dream!

    50cc means NOTHING in CA over 2hp does. IF you want over 2hp to be leagl here, just go down and register as a Motor Driven Cycle..........BUT prepare for a shock, it will cost you, then and for as long as you own the bike.
    Stay with the 2hp engines, you do not need any more, OR buy a Motorcycle.

    My two cents,

  8. Rgvkid

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    So many Pros and Cons. My likeing in the Harbor freight motors were the price. As of complying to the laws i wanted to get some ideas on what people have gone through with their projects. What detoured me from the GX50 at first was its price, but once you calculate all that it takes to use a HF lawn mower engine, you would probably only be about $100 off of using a Honda GX50 and still be legal without having to worry about registration.

    I probably won't be able to purchase anything until after New Years, but i like to do my research before any build. Better to learn from others mistakes and save time and money, then relay positive outcomes.