anything but a happytime

Don't fear the happy time :)

They are quirky, it's true. But they are also very lovable.

Anyway, if you want to see what's available out there, then just check the vendor links and you'll find a lot to choose from
Not for frame mount.

All I have seen for frame (center) mount is:

Honda or Huasheng (GXH50 "clone")with the Grubee gearbox (what I have)
Huasheng with Hoot gearbox, or
Whizzer (if kits are still available)

Of course, there's always the "build it yourself" option- which procudes the most interesting setups.
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I love my HT. It's been a real learning experience. Plus it's really tolerant to my overall ignorance. I think most people should start with a HT just because you learn SO much about the overall mechanics of motorizing a bike. It also looks really cool.
Start with the HT, for ~$160 shipped it is a very good learning experience and build your knowledge from there....

I was very weary of buying an HT, but am actually very happy with the reliability and ease of use it has given me.....

Ride around on your HT and hoan your skills and then go for the killer Honda setup!
The HT appeals to those of us who like to play with mechanical things...nothing like doing it yourself, and tinkering and adjusting. The Honda/Staton read friction drive i have on my other bike was so easy to put on, and never needs adjusting or anything. That's boring. Reliable so far, but boring.
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Until recently (I'm a little slow sometimes!), I never even knew the hatred some have for the HT engine. Stronger hatred than reasonable IMHO. I say these engines can be made reliable, can be made to scoot and van be quiet without a ton of money. If you expect this for $150 out of the box, it isn't going to happen.