Ape hangers?

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    257722_871919869499373_2467769143335626688_o.jpg View attachment 54451 This is my 1st build. Its a retro Schwinn 26" 2.5 hp 4 cycle cruiser with a slammed front end. The motor is too large. So, I had to remove the pedals and am going to have to use highway bars. I'm thinking and liking the idea of using ape hangers on it to allow room for my knees. Has anyone done a build or have any input I should know about before I purchase the ape hangers? Cable lengths? handling? OD of bars/stripping? strength?


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  2. RollingStones

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    I don't have any experience with ape hangers but I have been thinking about the possibility as well.

    Damn I love the look of that bent springer fork is that just a 26" one?
  3. El Sid

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    Ya, 26" springer with the forks flipped around. Heading back to Florida/home tonight to put my apes, hiway bars, tank etc.. on her. I'll give updates on how the bars work out of your interested. Salud
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    I just got some apes on mine and I love it. It feels so much better when cruising then the flipped around cruise handlebars...

    IMG_3906.jpg IMG_3910.jpg
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    Sweet Build! love the sissy bar with the solo seat. Still have a few finishing touches for my ride, but shes coming along.

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  6. El Sid

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    Apollo Creedo's maiden voyage. still have some dialing in to do. since this i have busted the govener off and put a front brake on, cleaned fuel tank, new plug and fluids. there was some contamination during this take. Got a new exhaust ordered and on its way as well as the pull cord cover and gas tank in the plating shop getting chromed. good time and still a fraction of my harley.
  7. RollingStones

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    Thats awesome, I watched the video and it looks really good in action.

    I got some bent springer forks for mine as well but took them off. Actually meant to ask you if you had any issues with yours...

    Fist of all the fork tube was too long so I need to cut it. Even after I cut it though I believe that it still won't handle right. It seems that as I turn the wheel, the fork turns the bike's frame side ways a bit. Im not even sure if thats the correct way of explaining it but basically the fork makes the frame tilt like this / when I turning right and like this\ when turning left. It throws everything everything off :icon_cry:

    As far as the seat goes on mine I need to get a bigger more comfortable beach cruiser seat and get a 90 degree bent seat post so that the seat sits right above the back tire. Get a rear fender and cut it so it stops right at the sissy bar. Basically try to imitate a bobber style motorcycle as much as possible. If I had any welding skills id build her a peanut tank too :grin5:
  8. El Sid

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    To be honest with you. I got the bike with the forks already on the frame. I do know what you mean about the lean in the turns. On mine the cross bolt under the neck came loose and really exaggerated the lean. I put a nylock nut on it. Other than that I think it's just something you have to get used to, since it isn't the original intent of the design. The front wheel sticks waaay out there. And on mine in not sure if it's the front end or the crazy high bars, but it's a seriously funky fun ride.

    Totally digging your design ideas. Bobber is the way to go. Please keep sharing as it progresses.

  9. RollingStones

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    Thanks for the response! I think I'm going to keep the bent springers off of this build and just stick them on my regular beach cruiser so I can ride it as a bicycle and get use to the handling.

    Don't really trust the way it feels enough to ride it on my motored bike going almost 30MPH. :behead:

    I will most definitely keep posting, I have an expansion chamber and upgraded air filter on the way this week and should be able to install my rig for a layback seat post tomorrow to get that seat where it needs to be.

  10. TyphoonJay

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    Hello hello! I was wondering where you acquired the Schwinn gas tank on you cruiser? Looks cool, I have a typhoon myself and would love to have an original Schwinn tank on my ride as well!

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    Thats a perfect looking bike, and a great video also.