Apology from newbie!

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  1. We at SCC apologize for a couple of rules infractions that anton made us aware of.
    1. 30 posts before we can give out our URL
    2. To sell and promote our product in threads(only in vendor section if members). We are not members yet.
    We did not have any intentions for breaking the rules but we did, and we need to pay attention to them closer.
    We also will be putting a link to motoredbikes.com in our website. This site has been fun and informative to be apart of. We will do our best not to break anymore rules although comprehension was never one of my stong suites in school.

    Thank You,
    Sarpy County Customs

  2. fodhunter

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    Nicely worded reply...hope all is well. Welcome aboard!
  3. Thank you fodhunter
  4. Max-M

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    Got a good feeling about you guys. And not just because you're from the great state of Nebraska...
  5. Max-M

    Thank you for the support Max-M. We are very excited about building. Just a couple months ago 2 retirement home gentelman came to our shop cause they saw us riding around and asked us to build them bikes. They love to ride bikes but as they got older they had a hard time getting uphills and now they can pedal their bikes and get assist uphills. But i have a feeling their not using the pedals so much as they are using the engine. We just saw one of the guys yesterday and asked us if we could put a bike rack on his car so when he travels he can take his MB. Now thats cool to us!
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    I bought the bike rack so I can take my MB places. I really enjoy riding it around town, you are usually going slow enough that you get to see all kinds of things that you wouldn't have noticed if you were going 35+ mph. I also enjoy taking it on bike trails, back roads, and pretty much anywhere that I can take the thing.
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    This is comical. "Sorry about breaking advertising rules so I'm just gonna start an entire thread advertising us instead; phone number is in our location. Pleasure doing business with you."
  8. To: Cavi Mike

    I understand what you are saying Cavi Mike. I posted that because we are new and i am assuming the regulars who saw the infractions new we broke the rules did not want to make members of this forum mad. So instead of just an apology to anton i thought it might be wise to apologized to the forum. As far as the phone number being their I did not even think about that at all, however I just took it off i do apoligize for that. You have made good points Cavi Mike Thank you.
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    You don't have to click on it to get their number. They are not saying, my bad, buy my stuff, they are just apologizing for not having read the rules, and in doing so inadvertently broke them. I prefer that to a spam bot any day.
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    C'mon, Mike: Lighten up. You're giving us Northeasterners a bad name...
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    Well I may be new here but I been around the horn so to speak. 1: if your trying to scam someone you hide from the "experts" not join their club. 2: I have to respect anyone that has a business yet joins a site for the enthusiast and openly admits that being a member has been ,and I quote, "informative". Good luck with the business guys and welcome.
  12. Max-M

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    Well said, Lunardog.
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    lol some ppl take life a little 2 serious here its scary. hop on your bike take a ride around the block and relax jeez
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    I kid you not, lol.:jester:

    Welcome to the club, newbie.
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    lol thanks happy 2 be here