Apple's Weed Eater Bike


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May 21, 2014
problems with all of these cheap weedy engines are the overhung cranks barely able to handle any side loading from a friction drive and they come with decent bearings.

They're aren't made in China, most are by Polo out of Mexico, and use US spec'd bearings. Even decent bearings aren't up to the damaging hammering that a side loaded friction drive on an overhung engine can create.

Cannonball2's Minimalist Friction drive using an older Echo 21 cc engine


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Apr 9, 2018
Most of them only have 1 bearing meaning there is only the back cover that bolts on instead of the other side of a crank I think that's another reason they fail. Some have the shaft on both sides but not sure which exactly maybe some Echos or shindawas. Chainsaw motors have 2 bearings. I don't know if the engine geometry of a chainsaw engine is better or what but I've heard they are more powerful than a weed eater engine. Perhaps longer stroke and some other factors make them a better option.
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