April 2009 engine kit wires reversed

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  1. ashane

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    I purchased a 80cc jet from Kings and wanted to make some folks aware that after trying EVERYTHING to get the engine running, it turned out the black and blue wires were REVERSED. The engine is dated April of 2009.

    Only way I could get it to run was to hook up the black to the blue etc.

    I was getting spark the other way but it simply would not fire up. I did not have the killswitch wired in.

    I looked around and did a search but have not seen this topic discussed anywhere. I haven't been out putting around yet because my master link clip broke.

    Also, I have been starting my motor with my 18V drill and a 19m socket. It's a 12 point socket so it's easy to yank back once the engine starts. Had to improvise once my chain broke.

    I don't have good idle yet but I have seen a lot of good info regarding this topic (air leaks, etc.) - so hopefully I'm finally on track.

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    Just to make sure,if you have a multimeter,disconnect the CD unit ,the resistance between them at the engine should be around 350 Ohms,and there should be short to the body of the engine on the black wire,and around 350 Ohms on the blue wire.If it's the opposite, you are correct.If not could be something awry with the CD unit I would assume.
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  3. ashane

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    Thanks for that information. I wanted to ohm it out but had no idea what normal readings should be. I did open the magneto cover to check the connections so it looks like the CD unit is backwards.
  4. duivendyk

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    I suppose so,btw the CD unit is not exactly a model of durability,a lot of them fall by the wayside.My take is that it could be susceptible to moisture infiltration via the in&output connections (mainly the HT conn.) Best to mount with plug output to rear&bottom (upside down,wires etc facing down/rear).Sealing conn. with silcon rubber also prob. good idea.
  5. ashane

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    Yeah, that's a good point. I'm gonna weatherize it the best I can. I have some heat shrink somewhere that I plan on using after soldering the wires because the connectors that come with the kit look like they'll come apart easily. I have some clear silicone that I'll slap on where the wires enter too. In order to route the wires down and away from the exhaust will probably require adding a length of wire but will also be one less thing to worry about. Thx for the advice.