Are 48cc setups good at hill climbing?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Watcher05, Feb 14, 2008.

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    I've only just got my motor/bike going and have about a 100km and I understand there is a break-in period with them, but how well do these motors go up hills? Mine goes quiet well along the flats but when an ascent comes it tends to become sluggish, even to the point of wanting to stall out. Of course, I add some pedal power and manage to continue up the hill. :rolleyes:

    However, my place of work is several km's away and mostly going up from sea level is around 150/180 meters in altitude; not that high but a constant ascent. I don't think my bike at this stage would be able to that!! Just curious to see how much improvement you get when they do eventually break-in. Or, am I missing some other adjustment on bike setup (have done carb sealing, o'ring etc)? I'm also known to be slightly impatient:???:

    thanks heaps. :grin:

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    Perhaps gearing would help. You would lose some on the top end. What size sprocket are you using?
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    It gets....

    It gets much better and much more powerful after break in for sure.. But.. but... Bigger is better. A 65 or 70 will pull the hills better than a 50. No such thing as an 80cc 2 stroke kit out of Asia. Not yet anyway...I still do not get it with these guys saying they are selling an 80. any rate. Bigger is better as a general Rule. If after break in you are still not able to pull hills the way you would like, it is only a matter of trading speed for hill climbing ability. Simply go to a larger rear sprocket until you get the desired effect you want. Enjoy the ride....
  4. You can also check out the wild in the streets section to gain some power. Personally the two things I did that really had me peddling less is the exhaust mod explained in DAX's site (Makes it louder though) and the boost bottle. But yea,gearing is probably the best thing you can do...but if you want to keep your top speed try those other two mods.
    That thread on copper core spark plug wires is pretty interesting too. And that's like 5 bucks or less for a noticable improvement.The exhaust mod is free. Boost bottle a bit more.
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    You might get away with a 48cc if you had a 55tooth sprocket and had a lightweight bike and rider.

    I live in Colorado where we have hills and 3% loss in engine power for every 1,000 foot of altitude above sea level. I'm at 7500 feet or so and with a 50 tooth sprocket on a 69cc engine and have trouble on several hilly areas in my neighborhood.

    Get the larger engine; you won't be disappointed.
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    If you've only done 100Km,that's not nearly enough for the engine to reach it's potential...HAVE PATIENCE.
    Run it in properly(500Km)'ll notice at about 300Km the engine will loosen-up dramatically and also smooth-out.
    Hasten slowly and get things'll pay off in the long run.

    BTW...48cc's are good but as others have said "the bigger the better for hills"
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    When I ordered it from ZBOX Warren said that it should have ample power for hills, considering that I'm only 75kg (165 pounds). He said it would even take the bigger blokes up the hills except for the steepest! I'm not after any oustanding performance but would expect it get me up the small to moderate hills.

    Will be patient for the break in, as Fet said and see how it goes! :confused:

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    Right before the start of the incline your engine has to be revving moderately high. Combustion engines make most torque in the upper half of the rev range.

    A 48cc engine with 44t sprocket should have more than enough torque for all but the steepest inclines for a 75kg person.

    This is purely guessing from a 65cc engine with a 36t sprocket and a 64kg person. Mine still has enough torque for slight inclines even just off idle. (mine is also from zbox, but their crappy cheap version)
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    Well, that's that what I thought, but at present mine dies in the arse even if it starts to look like a hill; no torqure there at all. Although it seems fine when its flat and has a nice sweet spot even. Will see how it goes over the coming weeks with more km's on it.

    thanks for the replies. Will keep update this thread. :smile:
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    Oops, you are correct. Never thought of diesel (and some turbocharged petrol engines) which do make max torque just above idle.

    On another note theres something seriously wrong if an engine cant go more than 20mph on flat road, even when not broken in.
    My engine could easily rev past redline (and damage itself in the process) on flat road at about 3/4 throttle.