Are all 2 stroke emgines created equal??

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Sludge, Jul 1, 2014.

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    Hello All

    I've been reading the forum for a while...lots of good info here...decided to register so I could ask a few questions..

    I see alot of 2 stroke engine kits for sale on the internet ranging in prices and was wondering if there was a difference between them? I know some have larger mounts in the front for the larger diameter down tubes on certain bikes but, Are they all the same? manufactured by the same chinese company?
    I could get a 2 stroke kit for $139 or spend close to $200 is it the same? they have the same description...what gives?
    Who offers the best "motor" ? I know sometimes a vendor will back up their product with replacement but I'd like to know...Are there different manufactures of these engines? If so, who offers the most reliable engine?
    Thanks for any info...

  2. HeadSmess

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    sometimes the cheap ones are good. sometimes the cheap ones are known junk. its hard to say anything!

    really, they all come out of the same place... its a bit like johnny walker...the standard cheap red label, or a fancy green label, if you can find it?

    but,unlike the scotch...the cheap one, you couldnt use everyday, the expensive one should be the one that you use all day every day... (well, id like to afford to drink green label everyday but, sigh...reality interferes :()

    they still blow up :) this may take some time. other than the one lousy 66 i got, that was sold as the 49, it wasnt capable of more than a km before having issues. everything else has survived an awful long time...

    personally i like the black, slightly rounded skyhawk 49 myself, but be warned that it mayn't share any parts with the "standard" unpainted 49s... i havent tried, i just know its piston has a different crown.

    the best bet is to buy two whole kits at first, plenty of spares then. then stick with one type of engine.

    cant say what manufacturer is better, because...with no cast in names, numbers or any other type of identification besides pulling it apart and measuring everything... the vendors all buy from the same places. how much THEY pay for quality, and what theyre margin is, that is the crucial point!

    hint....avoid the cheap cheap stuff. especially if this thing is intended to get you to work