Are Happy Time engines all the same

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    I think I have read almost all the entries in this forum, but I still have a nagging question that I can't find an answer to....Question is: Are all this engines the same? Every vendor will tell you that his is the best..that it is the improved version, etc., etc., etc.,.....I now have 4 of the Happy Times engines and they all appear to be the same are interchangeable...are they all made in the same factory,,,if not they must share their blueprints....Does anyone know FOR SURE??????????/

  2. HI,

    They are similar BUT not EXACTLY the same.....many external parts (and quite likely some or many internal) parts will interchange BUT there are differences (although some are pretty minor)....

    I did a comparison of an older Dax VS a Blue Collar Engine on this site.

    Hope this helps you.