Are motorized bicycles just money pits/hindrances?


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Apr 9, 2018
What's your opinions? one thing I've learned is if you buy crap you get crap results which is why I will only run auto clutch Japanese motors for the most part from now on. Most people aren't prepared to pay the extra money for their bikes and then they wonder why something is breaking all the time which I've noticed all too often. I'm all for trying staton friction/chain drive and the golden eagle has been ok so far. Made in Taiwan products seem to be better made than their neighbor China maybe someone could tell me why that is? My neighbor just had me order him a banana seat and a dual leg alloy kickstand both made in Taiwan and they look sturdy down to the bolts. I may post pictures of that bike in the future. It looks cool already just as a roller.


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Jan 20, 2019
Well, got a hundred miles on each of my bikes now and it's been free free Free FREE Free free free Free FREE free free Free. Free.

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Jul 2, 2018
They definitely require money. Whether you spend it up front on good parts or incrementally replacing broken/crap parts is up to you.

Once you get one built well, it'll just run and run. My first build was a cheap BB kit and I had no end of trouble. The second build has been trouble free, all it needs is gas. But it took a lot more time and money up front.


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Jul 29, 2018
hobby, something mechanical to tinker with, enhance for fun. I have a car, plan on a 400-600cc motorcycle this summer, but I still like how simple these CG engines are, take my 700c roadbike with the 48cc 2 stroke on couple trips each summer, and a 4 stroke bike in the works.
some ppl collect baseball cards, movies, whatever. I like to collect mechanical things.
50 yrs from now, will we still have CG's? NO! it'll be India Girls by then hahahah.
collect these small engines while you can b4 everything goes electric

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Pretty much what John said.
I just have a columbia klunker junker lol

I code for a living and am not really adept in this 2 stroke stuf, still learning.
Certainly been a hinderance from time to time, it's just the wind in the hair and the feeling of Freedom while riding that gets to me.

Well that and nuttyness of riding a motorized bicycle :D

All BS aside, make what ya want and are comfortable with, both physically and financially.


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Sep 26, 2018
its just like any motor sport, (boating, atv/sxs, motorcycles, cars etc.)
they all cost money and do brake down (you know what BOAT stands for right? Bust Out Another Thousand)
snowmobiles brake down, bushings wear out. it all costs money. (my family had 3 sleds, we sold them because the maintenance was too high for what we were getting out of them, like we would ride them 2-3 times a year, but they were so trashed that everything had to be pretty much replaced, we still have no regrets selling them)

motorized bikes are really cheap if you think about it.
you spend around 200$ for a thing you can ride and enjoy for however long it lasts. and if you get rid of it your not losing much, (hell you can make a profit off it, theres a guy on craigslist selling prebuilt CG cranbrooks for 400$, hes making bank)
why do you think racing in general is so expensive? because everyone wants to be 1st in a race, and some are willing to pay a pretty penny just to get that 1/10 of a second. im a fan of cheap racing myself (my 89 kx isnt winning any races anytime soon, not with my skill lol)

but any hobby can turn expensive, you just have to look. i chose Motorsports because i like it. and its fun it tinker with them.

and no, there not money pits, there just "unfinished projects" ;)


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Oct 3, 2018
every vehicle is a money pit i sell motorized bikes for $ so they actually give me money. But i do like them they are not for the suited drive it for a long time until they need attention like most mopeds that are just built for one thing and that's to go to point A to B i find that motorized bicycles are more for fun/hobby orientated people
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