Are motorized bikes legal in Nebraska/Omaha?

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    Hi My Name is Herman and I am 46 yrs. old. I am thinking about getting Motorized bike. Are they legal to drive on City streets in Nebraska? What would I have to do to make one so? Any help in this matter would be appreciated. Thank you very much!

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    Herman, I'm sorry to say that nobody here is qualifieid to answer that question...if there is someone quallified to practice law in Oklahoma, however, and really wants to step up to the plate and answer your question...More power to him. It is a question of the legality of the legal answer...okay?!
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    loquin is right that's exactly what I found out you also have to have helmet
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    Nebraska Statutes 60-338 -Moped, defined

    Nebraska Statutes > Chapter 60 > Sec. 60-338 - Moped, defined

    Moped means a bicycle with fully operative pedals for propulsion by human power, an automatic transmission, and a motor with a cylinder capacity not exceeding fifty cubic centimeters which produces no more than two brake horsepower and is capable of propelling the bicycle at a maximum design speed of no more than thirty miles per hour on level ground.

    This means no oversized engines or manual clutch.
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