Are there signaling tail lights that would fit onto a bicycle.

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Abc111, Sep 2, 2008.

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    I've heard of signaling tail lights.Any store you know that sells good ones.I could not find many on google.

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    I had some growing up, bought at Kmart. I'd check Walmart and Toysrus.
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    There's also this one, which looks identical to the one from Amazon & it's only $6.57, including S&H... but it'll prolly take 2 weeks to reach your home since it ships from Hong Kong.
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    This question has been asked several times over the last few years on Bikeforums, and the answer is still the same--there's really no good ready-made solution.

    The only good thing I've ever heard about any of the manufactured ones was that one used a gravity-operated switch to control the brake lights, which was pretty clever.

    You could build something very easily if you wanted; just wire up two rear LED lights left and right, to a pair of NO-button switches beneath both handgrips. You'd just press each button on-off-on-off to make it "blink", and you could hold both while braking for "brake lights" (though the turn and brake lights on cars are different colors, but who cares, I think it would be close enough for people to get the idea).

    Alternately you could have amber turn signals and the "gravity-operated" brake lights red, if you could find a switch that would trip the same way.
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    The one I posted about 3 posts up is definitely worth $7.

    A horn, tail light, brake light, & turn signal all in one for $7 is definitely worth it. But I've yet to install it as hand gestures are working good enough for me at the moment.
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    boreem gopeds have them
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    The problem with those cheap little ones is two things: the lights are not wide enough to signal clearly (six inches wide isn't enough!) and the lights are not anywhere nearly even remotely close to BRIGHT enough.

    I would want the turn signals spread apart by at least 18 inches, and maybe as much as 24 inches (which is not excessive since your shoulders and handlebars are probably at least that wide).

    And since they aren't ever going to be run constantly-on, you can go crazy on the wattage. I'd use a rechargeable battery pack and put at least 5 watts, and maybe 10 watts of Luxeon/CREE or similar LEDS in each side.
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    I'm glad this subject came up again because I'm working on a front and rear LED signaling setup for my bikes at the moment.
    Remember that LED lights for the most part do not draw as much current as an incandescent bulb so normal automotive flashers are only good for INCANDESCENT lighting. If you use them on LED's they will hyperflash as thats a normal warning to vehicle operators that one of their signals is burnt out.
    I'm going to use this as the signal flasher:

    I bought some nice appropriately sized high output yellow LED marker lights from the big box for around $6 a piece.

    I'm going to use one of these 12v festoon 9led bulbs as a plate light

    and I just got this in to operate it all from the handlebars

    Once I get it all together and polished up I'll post detailed pictures and somewhat of a how-to. Hope this post helps for the time being though. I agree about the pre-made bicycle lighting systems. They're either way over priced or totally inadequate and more of a novelty.