are these engine mods ok? please help



hi there guys my 48cc engine came a couple of days ago.

installed everything but the engine as i am having troubles fitting it into my frame.

i am looking at doing a couple of mods but wanting to know if its worth doing. and if what im gonna do gonna afect the engine in any way.

mod #1:

my engine wont fit with the carborator on, onto the frame.

solution: cut the insertion pipe for the carborator about 3/4"to gain extra room.

mod #2:

the lower bike tube bar is oversized and am looking at using the adaptor plate provided. only thing is i want to maximise the space so it wont look soo crammed and also to give the spark plug extra room for the top.

solution. use a thinner extention plate eg, from 6mm to 4mm and cuve the metal in the same way as the original front engine mount.

mod #3:

and i need a suggestion as to how to solve the chain touching the tyre.
i dont know if it touches for sure but looking and judging with my eyes i looks like it will touch as the chain goes by.

it would be good to know how to solve this.
atm all i could think of was to buy a thinner back tyre.

if i get bad responces i think i will have to install it on a far more easier fram. thout i like the frame i have atm. cause it has suspension, disk brakes and shimano gears.



You sound like your having similar problems
to what Blaze was having . . .

check out this post and look at the pics:

Mod 1: we made a new tube with copper pipe and a piece
of flat bar alluminum cut to size and drilled a hole to fit the copper tube then alluminum brazed it in place this may not last long though.

Mod 2: Blaze had similar problem as this bike frame also has an oversized tube, Blaze just grinded the mount out to a bigger radious to fit the larger tube.

Mod 3: Blaze added a different tire, which may be good for you as well unless you are going to ride it in dirt only. That bike seemed to get vibration from the Knobby mountain bike tires at higher speeds.

Good Luck,