Are Turn Signals Required in Your State?

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by go-rebels, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. go-rebels

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    I'm wondering what the legal requirements are for turn signals in your state.

    In South Carolina, my bike is considered to be a MOPED, but nobody at the DMV can answer my question!

    What if you build a bike from scratch, using some 1950's Roadmaster frame? Are you required to add turn signals if you plan to ride it on the road?

  2. Mountainman

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    calif no turn lights required at this time

    each state is different regarding DMV laws

    sure do like that as we ride those THINGS
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    I don't know about SC, and as Mountainman said, each state is different. In PA, if the bike was originally built without turn signals it doesn't have to have them. This may not apply to home-built bikes from kits, however.
    I ran my Whizzer without turn signals most of last year, and frankly got tired of confusing drivers that didn't understand hand signals. Most drivers, upon seeing my right-hand signal thought I was waving, and some waved back. Face it, the automobile-driving Joe Public isn't taught about hand signals anymore, and I'd say that a huge percentage of drivers out there don't know what you might be trying to signal. Also, since I have the slip-clutch on my Whizzer, trying to signal and use the clutch lever at the same time was impossible.
    Since the Whizzer has the turn signal switch and wiring alread in place, I fitted turn signals to mine. I was able to do this for under $30 by getting the lamps from BikeWorldUSA and the flasher unit from a local auto parts store. Here's the link to the thread:
  4. ren

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    Turn signals

    I checked with the KHP here in my home town in kansas before I bought my '07 Whizzer and this is what they found when they looked it up. First of all the vehicle must meet the Federal Highway Safety Standards, and the Whizzer does, then it must have a vin#, the Whizzer does. If the motor is 2 hp or less and is 130 cc or less then it is classified as a "motorized bicycle" not a moped, the registration paper work says motorized bicycle. I have friends with mopeds and their reg. papers say moped. Anyway if it meets the above criteria then it isn't required to have turn signals, a motorcycle license, or liability insurance, just a license plate. If the horsepower and cc's are more than above than it is classed as a motorcycle and you are required to be licensed and insured for one. If the motorcycle is pre 1973 it is not required to have turn signals. Now for the odd part. Because the "title" states it is 1.95 hp but doesn't show the cc's, my Whizzer is classed as a motorized bicycle, requires license plate only, but I do have a motorcycle license, liability insurance, and I agree with KilroyCD that most drivers today don't know or think about hand signals, so I to have turn signals on my Whizzer.

    Sorry this is so long, hope it helps someone in KS.
  5. Allen Grimpe

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    I like the turn signals. I wanted to do this also.
    Can you give me some guidence?
    I have a 1999 WC1 and it seems to be pre-wired. Mine even has a flasher I think. There is one mounted under the fuel tank and it has four wires. One gray (power) one black ground and two yellows. There are four extra wires under the taillite (two blacks and two colored). I have not found the front one's yet but I think they are in the rubber boot. I think all I need is the bullet lights and it should work. Any thing else I would need? It has the signal switch on the left grip by the horn button.
    Thanx, Allen
  6. bamabikeguy

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    An example of simplicity would be what we used to have on our Model-A Ford, only one tail light on the right rear bumper. You were pretty well expected to turn left when you were close to the center line with your arm extended, which is the same thing we do.

    But since we spend most of our time on the right side of the road, and our right hand is busy with the throttle (and modern drivers don't understand the arm signal for a right turn), that one red flashing light on the right rear of the bike, should be enough for any questions.

    That same red flasher could also be the signal to drivers anytime you are slowing....

    Easier to wire, fewer parts to shake loose.
  7. Quenton Guenther

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    The 1999 WC-1 is already wired to accept the turn signals.
    Contact your closest Whizzer dealer to purchase the kit [approx. $75.00]

    Have fun,