Are we encouraging slavery

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by robin bird, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. robin bird

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    i know- i know these Chinese engines are cool but look at this video to spread gloom so shortly after Christmas

  2. kerf

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    What are you saying, that 12 year old Chinese girls don't have a right to a job? Kinda narrow minded.
  3. alarmguy111

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    I will not buy a Chineese engine, maybe Japaneese, like Honda, but I would prefr an American mfgr. Are there any left that make a good engine?
  4. give me vtec

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    Where do you think the castings are made for those Japanese engines???

    Sorry to say... even if you think you are buying American or Japanese made, the parts most likely came from china. Sorry guys... they win.
  5. lovemstr

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    Today 11:42 AMlovemstr
    ok guys, dumb question maybe, I've looked at the exhaust systems offered in most "kits" and I wonder is there anything inside the muffler part of the exhaust or is it just a hollow tube. I have a schwinn stingray that I mounted a 7.5 hp briggs motor with a torque convertor and it has a 3/4" straight pipe that is quite loud, I would like to tone it down a bit. any suggestions?
  6. kerf

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    Probably need to move over to the 4 stroke forum and post the question there. I would do a search for mufflers before I posted though.
  7. arceeguy

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    Agreed. We should shut down any GM/Ford/Chrysler Canadian auto manufacturing plants and produce AMERICAN cars in AMERICA. Screw the canucks, they should be driving Renaults. :jester:
  8. kerf

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    Boy, you got a real nasty streak in you.
  9. arceeguy

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    Well - protectionism is protectionism. It isn't US and Canada vs. the world. If you believe in protectionism, it is Canada vs. the world (including the USA) and the USA vs. the world (including Canada).

    Free trade is free trade - with everyone. Including Mexico, China, and India.

    If we force employers to pay unskilled factory workers 25/hr + pension and health care, then jobs will continue to be chased away overseas or be filled by illegal aliens.

    Not nasty - just realistic.
  10. kerf

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    I know that, it was the slap down I was enjoying.
  11. I believe in fair trade. Until the Chinese allow the Yuan to be traded at a fair exchange rate to the US Dollar, there will be no fair trade with China. Unfortunately we can't force them into this as they own such a huge part of the U.S. debt, I'm afraid they now own us.
  12. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    yep... they win.
  13. robin bird

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    The 12 year olds are forced to work huge hours with cruel conditions-what 12 year old here do you know who does that ?
  14. robin bird

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    General motors originated in Oshawa Ontario Canada--why use abusive language ?
  15. kerf

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    You want GM back, during the cash for clunkers, Obama Motors managed to lose a billion bucks. The American / Canadian auto makers have poisoned themselves to death by negotiating contracts that were fiscally untenable. Now they're getting my tax money to keep the lights on and they're still gonna die. The only chance GM and Chrysler had was to go through a conventional bankruptcy and abate the union liability, they went through an Obama bankruptcy and now the union owns them. None of that was Chinas fault.

    China just put their products on the market, nobody put a gun to our head to buy them. You think conditions are bad in China, well we may be on the verge of a total economic collapse because of our government spending more than we had. Now they're printing money to cover a debt they're still running up. The dollar will collapse and we're gonna drag you right down the toilet with us.
  16. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    Well, the Renault thing was pretty nasty. For that, I apologize. Nobody wants to drive a Renault, not even the French Canadians!

    Abusive language? "Protectionism" is abusive language! Protectionist policies do nothing more than prop up labor unions, raise costs for consumers and limit consumer choice.

    I agree that we should not trade with companies caught using child labor, but condemning the entire country because of a few bad apples is misguided at best.
  17. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    GM sucks... they produce garbage for 35+ years (minus the trucks) and then expect us to bail them out and buy their cars now??? Cry for me will you???

    I hate car companies that only produce one good car... so we know they can do it, they just choose to make cr@p for everybody else and hope we don't notice.

    People like Subaru and Honda put their best technology (developed in the racing world) on all the cars down to the cheapest model. That is respectable.
  18. keystone

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    After I did some research on history, the U.S. was built on slavery,greed and cheap labor. not the sugar coated things I was taught in the 50's and 60's in public school. Life was rough years ago in this country,and the american dream that lasted about 1947 to the 70's is over. when is the last time you met someone that worked 40 years at the same company. I'm getting too old to care. good luck to the kids joining the work force.

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  19. give me vtec

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    In college they told us to expect at least 3-4 major career changes. They told us to look at ourselves as independent contractors with a portfolio of skills that we must constantly build and hone in order to remain profitable to somebody... that's how you keep a job today. Roll with the punches...

    I am living the American dream...
  20. fasteddy

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    Arcee, I agree that we should be driving renaults up here. Just as soon as you are named the Head Mechanic.

    Really looking forward to those hot dogs this summer.