Are we looking at just another "gimmick" here?


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Mar 18, 2021
I know I am late to the game here.
The dual plug head is used to get a complete burn of the fuel or better than the one. However I have only seen this work well with 4 strokes. A more efficient engine will net better power and also better fuel economy. I can't see the CG seeing any sort of benefit especially with one CDI running both, even if the guts of the CDI are bigger.
But who knows. For that money I will toy with a second engine.


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May 6, 2020
Same here,,, I don't see an advantage to this less a clearer burn """maybe""". A opertunity to keep running if 1 spark plug fowls...

Disadvantages as stated above in other posts...

A game changer would be a 125cc engine,,, not sure how a person would get it started if it had good compression,,, Ha...

A steep down hill run,,, jump down on the seat and dump the clutch....

Oh,,, Oh,,, Oh,,, dam,,, just skidded off the bottom of the tire... lol



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Jan 7, 2022
An off set key(s)on the mag and playing around with it will do wonders... Filling the head with plugs should add some compression but as is junk... Maybe use a long wire on one pointed at the exhaust port and short at the intake to separate the sparks... Or a different heat range...

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Zeda 80 has recently come out with its "Pro" edition,

2 spark plugs with a dual spark CDI unit.

I'm looking for the more experienced one's here in the forums to tell me if i'm right or wrong in suspecting this is just another "gimmick" like so many other things that have been "offered" 2 stroke users over the years claiming more torque and better high end speed etc. etc. etc. "ad nauseam".

I cannot see how you achieve much better spark when your still working off the same basic magneto's supplying electrical power to the dual spark CDI unit...I suspect that the spark would actually be weaker between 2 plugs rather than just one.
(It is the very same "improved", "upgraded", magneto that comes with the regular, stock Zeda 80, single spark plug kit)

So what do you more experienced folks that have either played with these or know the basic theory or practical application behind this possible "innovative" design have to say about these things that seems to be abounding as of late???...Just more "snake oil"???...Any "Myth Busters" here???
being a 2 stroke i would check and make sure about the piston and the cylinder. do they need upgrading? also will it wear faster? i know after so many hours of running a 2 stroke has to be rebuilt so will that make the time between rebuilds shorter? ive also seen boosters that you can add. sort of like nitrous boost on a car.