Are you legal?

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  1. Accender

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    Happy times

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  2. losenup

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    Im quite not.
    But Ive got moral, and thats good enough for me, and others :)
  3. Alan

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  4. fredie

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    whats this about ?????????
  5. brendonv

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    what, legal? im 14, suppose to be 16, I got like 500 watts, suppose to be 200 Watts. XD, never seen a cop yet, not stupid enough to go on main roads or busy roads.
  6. fastboy9

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    nope :(, i just stay on the back roads, or ride late at night or dawn. Its so much more fun, not worrying about the police being around the corner and flying up all the empty roads with the sun just coming up! I got a modified 60cc happy time.
  7. Zev0

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    Absolutely Legal
  8. HoughMade

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    I'll say yes- right to the edge, but I could make an argument.
  9. painkiller

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    legal? Why, whatever do you mean?
  10. Marktur

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    Legal, since my Chinese HT Motor was politely left un-marked with any info about the size of the motor...but WE all know that it's over 49cc...

    I'll tell you - I've got no issues with the cops around here. I wave to them, they wave back, everyone's happy. I think they like to see me on the bike with a real helmet, to be honest. Most cops are out there to bust balls on car drivers...hand out lots of tickets...but for us "pedestrians", I think they just don't want to have to scrape us off of the road, so if we look like we're trying to be safe, they have better things to do with their time.

    I ride on the sidewalk doing a brisk 20mph down our main road (3 lanes, median, 3 more lanes) and when they see me there, I think they're glad I'm not holding back the 60mph cars. (Limit is 45, but hey, we're in Florida!)
  11. Bikeuser

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    The cop is going to have a hard time proving that your engine is above 50cc. if he asks you how big the motor is play dumb.
  12. HoughMade

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    Mine is the right size (49.4 ccs), but our law also refers to a designed top speed not to exceed 25 mph....I wouldn't say it was designed to go faster than that.
  13. miletwo

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    I will be when mine's done. In Oregon, the max size without registration as a moped is 35.01cc. I'm installing a 31cc Yardman motor on my cruiser but would love a frame mounted ride. I would have a hard time with my conscience if I rode an unmarked 49cc or with stamping "33cc" on the side or some such. I would rather go through the process of encouraging the legislature to reconsider the federal constraints in lieu of economy, ecology, and the environment.

    Who knows... maybe it will change?
  14. Marktur

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    "What exactly does the CC stand for, officer?"
  15. painkiller

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    I am very conscience driven, but my 80cc is whatever it needs to be to not have to pay a stupid tax when there shouldn't be one.
  16. techboss

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    I wear helmet at all times on the bike
    Engine is PK80. On occasion I am slower than a muscle power cyclist
    Some people call me AL. I use my leg to pedal. I think that makes me Legal (Leg AL).

    It is just like radar detector. You can own it but you cannot use it in some states/provinces. You have a gun you can use it for recreation and not on human. You have a powerful engine, and you only use it for power assist. Very legal.
  17. Yes.
    I am a legal alien.
    I pay my taxes.
  18. Accender

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    LOL Thats funny!!

    I received these today and think it may bring more heat than it's worth.
    I received a PLATE. Cops like those. A curious cop may pull me over
    to have a "look" at my paperwork.

    35cc Licenced as a motored bicycle and a MOPED.
    I have had NO issues running without a plate.

    But with this big ol plate on back, the cops will feel leverage.
    I'm not going to install it.

    My reg info is fine, if you guys are gonna stalk me all you will
    get is a bunny with a pancake on it's head! LOL.



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  19. Eco Speeder

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    Funny thing, in my state, area , locale I have only seen 2 other motorized bike in my lifetime. But every freeway on-ramp has a sign warning off pedestrians and Motorized bikes. Those signs have been there for 30 years at least.

    Of course I looked up the legalities of a motorized bike before my first buy;
    " No more that 50cc and no more that 15mph". On the mph caveat I'm riding rebel of course. It's classified as a bicycle/moped DOT wise. One only needs a car driver license like with a 50c or below scooter. No blinkers/ lights or plates.

    I feel very lucky. At the same time I do feel the frustration and angst of those motor bicyclists who get caught up for leaving a cleaner and more slender footprint on the road. Like a motorized bike is a danger to anyone else but the rider.

    Not to digress too much but we could be running on hydrogen now. Every vehicle, large and small. No pollution. Purified water leaves the tailpipe.

    The U.S, federal govt. has been blocking this technology at every turn for years. Bedfellows with the global oil system. But somehow back in WW2 we had no problem utilizing the wispy hydrogen to it's most unimaginable violent extent. After that hydrogen proved to be way to wimpy for use in devices of unimaginable violent extent

    The feds are pushing ethanol. Quickly we can already see the local, regonal and global effects of putting food resource in the gas tank.

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  20. SirJakesus

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    It took lots of time and thought on a homebuilt electrical system... but yeah, finally legal.