Are you ready for winter yet?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Vistaman73, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Vistaman73

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    (In this post, I am being very general, I realize there are many people out there who do not fit this description, I hope I don't offend any one by "making assumptions" about people. Thanks)

    I AM! I was just thinking today how the MBc Community goes through an annual cycle of building/upgrading/repairing/riding. We ride our bike(s) all summer and most of fall and don't really do much to them. We also don't spend much time on the site. But as soon as it gets cold enough to turn the heat on, we clean up the workshop and set up for the winter. Dust off that PC in the garage, turn it on, make sure it's over-clocked to provide heat, well maybe not the last one, but I truly believe we hibernate. The activity on the site booms and we spend the winter months taking stuff apart, maintaining, tuning and my personal favorite, buying upgrades. :evilgrin: Then once one is satisfied, we shave the 3 month beard off take our first shower in weeks and look outside to see the spring popping up from the ground. Then we ride! :party: See the cycle? I hope you guys can agree with me. Tell me your winter/summer stories and how you prepare for the switch over to winter. Or if your one of the :ph34r: out there and ride year round, when do you make repairs or upgrades. Thanks for listening, I haven't posted for a while and wanted to start talking to some buddies again.

    Happy Motoring Everyone!


  2. professor

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    I am NEVER ready for winter.

    My son said,"You know, if we just had another month in the fall and another in the spring- we could actually live here".

    I try to ride once a week in winter unless the roads have ice on them.
  3. GearNut

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    To me, getting ready for winter means cleaning out the roof gutters and then wondering if it will even rain to make the cleaning worthwhile.
    I ride year round.
    An extra sweatshirt underneath my jacket makes all the difference I will need when it gets cold out.
    If I see snow in my neighborhood something has definitely gone horribly wrong with the weather!
  4. RdKryton

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    You have plenty of cold weather shop time up in the Buffalo area. Heck you only have two seasons anyway, winter and the 4th of July...

  5. unior

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    Winter suckkkks. Too many clothes required.
  6. machiasmort

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    I agree w/ professor to some degree, however we never know when winter will strike... If you don't like the weather in Buffalo, just wait 20 mins!

    PS, We're in for it this year, that wicked witch of a lake is still real warm!!!
  7. Vistaman73

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    OK, how about this, for those of you who DO like to hibernate in the winter or, like in Kansas, you are forced to, what plans do you have for upgrading your bike. What are really excited about changing? This can be for everyone, if you plan to do any work on your bike post about it. I recently won some money so I am getting new tires, brake systems, X-chamber, spark plug and cable/boot, the little NOS airplane on Pirate's site, and other misc. stuff. In a perfect world I would go but a new bike. I have a 70's Scwhinn MTB with no suspension the worst brakes in the world and seems to vibrate in tune with any rev on my engine.

    Best Wishes,
  8. hurricane

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    I have a small snow blower I have attached to my MB , I add some cool studs to my rear tire,then i grab a beer and wait for the snow to fall. This way i still get to ride my bike in the winter. Personally for me winter and snow are awesome !!
  9. RedBaronX

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    the minimum that I am doing on my bike is tidying up the wiring and getting everything soldered, not just twisted and taped... and at some point, repaint the gas tank-- use a higher quality primer and then get everything properly cured.

    Then, depending on money-- maybe a Rockshox fork and tougher wheels and spokes...
  10. 210061741

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    I rode all winter last year.

    Now i have a car again.

    This year im going to put together my hybred engine.

    I have a job interview in a machine shop on tuesday.

    If i end up with access to the shop there are lots of things i will machine.
  11. WhizBangAndy

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    Unless the economy gets better the JC Higgins and my last 49cc HT will never be mated together, Not because of lack of want but I can sell the JC for the same $$ as if it was motorized..LOL