Argh! 4-Stroke frame mount availability frustration


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1:03 PM
May 20, 2008
I literally ordered my 4-stroke frame-mount kit one week too late. It went on back order. At the time I was told "4 more weeks." That was over 5 weeks ago. I asked again... "3 more weeks"

two months? what the heck? what's the hold up? Summer is going to be over before I can take advantage of this. I'm half tempted to just cancel my order and say screw it.

Even if I could just find the gearbox, the rest of it I can do myself.
if someone comes up with a reliable 4stroke frame mount that actually works and IS available, they will make a killing :eek:
Get a rack mount. I havn't heard Staton having any backorders, I just bought one from them and it shipped ASAP.

ASFAIK Staton is the best.
Rack mount won't work for me. I use my rear rack regularly for carrying cargo.

I think I'm just going to try and hunt down the gearbox. I can either fabricate or locate all of the other parts anyway.

I refuse to buy from that guy. See this thread. As an online merchant who also sells stuff on eBay on the side, guys like this ruin it for the rest of us. All it takes is one fraudster like that to ruin the credibility of everybody on the site in the eyes of potential customers. Times are hard as heck right now, so that kind of behavior is particularly inappropriate.

But thanks for finding that link. Still appreciated.
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Of course. Thats my way of letting him know. But to be specific: Revolution Cycles and Brian Semone are generally to be avoided in my opinion.