Arizona Chapter Ride


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8:01 AM
Apr 23, 2007
Safford AZ
Hey all you Desert rats out there. Anyone have any ideas for a group ride??

I open this up for discussion and hope we can get together and ride our beasts together.

Maybe a 19.9 MPH ride thru Scottsdale is in order!???
Maybe a 19.9 MPH ride thru Scottsdale is in order!???

haha :LOL: ...way to rub it in.

i'm up for it, as long as we have plenty of time to prepare. i shant make any suggestions for planning (time/place), but if it gets to past the planning stage, and into execution i'll be there.
Man that would be great in the news etc. A little to far for me, though.
Tucson runs?

I am brand new to forum so if this was ever mentioned before I hope this is not too much of a repost or whatever:

Always wanted to ride the Tour of Tucson, but even with years of serious riding never took the time but now, it would be fun to trace the route with my 49cc and 1 gallon tank does not sound all that bad.

Is there any regular rallys run in the tucson area or spots or even piticular weekend that are active as a meet site. After getting the bike back on the road and getting weekends back to ride, I think a short run from Rillito down to Che's bar will be in order to celebrate getting back in the saddle.
nov 18 07 motor bike tour of tucson

Any one want to ride in an outlaw (motorized bike ) Tour de Tucson
the 17th is the real ride a saturday, and a night ride the night before would be quite cold so, a sunny Sunday the day after could be fun.

Is this some thing worth disccussing or not?
your post is a little confusing. you mentioned a saturday, a night ride the night before, and a sunday. can u be a little more specific, friend?
i can ride on the weekends, but i work, so for me, it has to happen after 2:30pm.
if you (anybody) want to ride tomorrow, PM me, cuz i have the day off, and megans going to have the baby soon. all my free time will be much less.
tomorrow (tuesday) is my last chance for awhile to just go and go.
and go i shall, alone or with fellow riders.

edit: anytime anyone else goes is cool, i'll just catch up after work.
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sat. is the real tour de tucson for pedal bikes only!

sunday would/ could be a day ride tracing the tour route

BUT a night ride, the night before the real tour tracing same route would be fun but COLD (that would be a firday night) .

lots of people in town that weekend, would be great to get some EXTRA EXPOSURE FOR THE HOBBY/ SPORT. I live along the path the tour takes and plan on being out there just riding down the road (frontage road in Marana by Avra valley road area) maybe I will make it on the news!

Couldn't we do a motored version of the tour with minimal sign up fees and we could donate proceeds to a needy rider amoung the community that could benefit from some goodies? Or extra gas money?
congrats on your new baby coming. It has changed my life 100% for the better although now I have less time for the funs things I like to do alone, now it is to the park, or a walk , and naps, those are the best.
I checked my calendar to be sure, but a ride "somewhere" is possible for me the weekend of November 17.

We have one idea: Tour de Tucson. Either Friday night or Sunday at some time to be determined.

I would kinda like to bring back a thread as another idea:

This would also be a very fun ride. azkronic, azvinnie you guys up for a ride??

I still think a ride arround Scottsdale could prove usefull to Torques...

I would be driving either direction so it matters not to me. I like driving in Tucson better than the valley but I can get around the Phoenix metro area if I have to. And I would hate to be an outlaw driving the streets of Tucson faster than 19.9MPH. But either or someplace is totally cool with me. I just want to ride!

Chime in.

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