ARIZONA Motoredbike Riders



Its time we come up with a date and time to ride together so lets put it down and get it going.

I say as for a starting point TEMPE TOWN LAKE what do you think?

as far as my date any weekend is good for me as long as I have 2 weeks notice

what about the rest of you ?
hay loco, lm up for that, tempe town lake is what l suggested this morning to happy or a saguaro lake run. either run is good, the lake run would be kewl, as they have a restaraunt and lake we can all kewl off at. plus there are reat areas on the way to the they say in the UFC, "lets get it on!!!!"
thats how I got married she spanked me............ :devilish:

hows about a date guys... I've sent out e-mails to most AZ riders that I dont see in the fourms daily
this is looking good fast. i'm a bit jealous of your area having so many enthusiasts already poised to join in, but i figure someday you'll be hosting a rally i'll be able to make it to :D

got stickers?
ok loco, so l have some questions and some suggestions, and im not trying to be a di%k.
l wanted to know where we would start in tempe and finish?
is there going to be rest stops in between rides?and where would we stop at?
will there be a support truck following us?
if we do a saguaro lake run(15miles), there are a couple stops on hwy87, we can eat at the resturant once at the lake(not that expensive), and maybe hit the water to kewl off. from there we can ride back to fort mc dowell casino. let me know what you think................later
forgot about the popo, l know the popo won't bother us going to saguaro lake, but l don't know about tempe.
Thanks Vinn, the wife saw the word "casino" and she blew a head gaskit....she 7 1/2 months along and on bedrest and said if she can't go I can't.......I got to work it over with her now :(
! Dude, you're killin' us. help us out, was everything a-o-k with the wife before she saw the word casino? 'Cuz if that's the case we certainly don't have to do that. that was only a mere suggestion.
l was only suggesting to meet at the casino, because they have a huge parking lot, instead we can meet or start from the gas station across the street. this is not my intention to actually go to the casino but to start and finish there. "NO GAMBLING". l took spunout to the fort casino and all we did was cruise around the place, didn't go in at all. l thinik l don't want any part of this anymore, i was just trying to get some guys from AZ together to do a run on our bikes, that is all.
hows this, you guys figure it out and let me know where the hell your gonna out