Around the world on a MB for charity for Help for Heroes Charity

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by milegajo, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. milegajo

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    Have had a disturbing phone call from a chap in the UK looking to ride to Australia on a Motored Bike in aid of help the heroes. He told me he had sent an email to asking for help and expertise,and they were "in a word rude, something to do with the choice of charity, ludacrous concept and they did not wish to support terrorism!"
    I don't know if you chaps know what Help the Heroes Charity does, but they provide councelling and care for all our boys and their families who are injured in all theatres of operation around the world.
    This disgusting attitude from Aziz is not only unpatriotic but down right worrying. Aziz seems happy to live and take the money of the British and American people, but isn't happy to help the british and american soldiers who are DYING so he can do so.
    This is a matter we feel most strongly about and we imagine you chaps do too. has pledged to provide not only the engines for these chaps but build them custom bikes to get them there. Obviously there is exposure in it for us, we're not pretending to be saints. But it is exactly this sort of behaviour from that makes you sick!

    We therefore call upon to answer for this insult and urge all members to boycott them until they do!

    Thanks for reading. what are your thoughts...?

  2. Mountainman

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    well -- I went to the site -- Help The Heroes Charity
    and from what Mountainman read
    they are doing some great THINGS

    so -- let's support TigerToothBikes

    we are looking forward to updates and pictures regarding this ride for charity

    ride that MB THING
  3. milegajo

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    Many Many heartfelt thanks mountainman, but just want to underline one thing as this isn't a stunt to boost our publicity. What we are looking for is Aziz from to answer for his actions. This is just the sort of horrid treatment veitnam veterans faced, and help for heroes is clearly trying to ensure it isn't repeated. Shame we have such spineless backstabbers in our otherwise pleasant land...

    Will definitely post updates and pics, this is a venture after my own heart and i've often read members posts on of their travels with envy.

    All the best and happy MB'ing folks!
  4. Mountainman

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    ride that THING for charity

    I understand
    you wish to bash Aziz -- at least that's how it appears on the mountain
    to remember
    this is a charity THING
    we can't or shouldn't force anyone to give or participate
    many such as I do give at other places -- time and money
    not to brag here because according to the Almighty One Upabove
    I allways fall short

    it just seems best to TALK UP the kind company supporting the cause
    and let all other's go

    ride that THING for charity
  5. milegajo

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    Being an ex-infantryman and having lost three very good friends so far you can understand me feeling quite strongly about this...and a little biased.
  6. Mountainman

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    I totally understand

    I totally understand your thoughts and feelings
    and up here on the mountain top
    we have nothing but much respect for those such as you and friends
    that have given so much for our freedom

    so -- please don't take me wrong
    I do agree with you
    if that MB company wants to talk off the wall stuff
    to heck with them.........................

    we wish NOT to ride there motor bike THINGS !!!!!!!!
  7. bluegoatwoods

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    Well put, MountainMan.

    And milegajo, you also mentioned that you feel strongly about this and admitted to, perhaps, a bit of bias. It's a pity that that one vendor does not wish to be your friend on this issue. Whether the leaders in a war are right or wrong, the soldiers who put their lives on the line are not to be blamed and fully deserve our gratitude. It seems that this one fellow has forgotten that.

    Your efforts could possibly remind him and others of what's important and what's not, but it can't be forced.

    So you should carry this idea as far as you can, but don't give another thought to those who don't care. Just hope they wise up.

    good luck.

    RATRODER Guest

    milegajo,I understand your feelings being a Veitnan vet. myself,and a great cause you support.But isn't freedom of choice,though what we and our sons(Son in law,Ssgt.USArmy,two tourers in Afghanistan, Silver Star receptant)darthers,and wifes(ex-wife Lieutenant Commander USN,two tourers Iraq) fought and died for?
  9. milegajo

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    Actually a very good point. Freedom of choice. unfortunately the freedoms our sons, friends, fathers & grandfathers have died for are being spat upon by the government and cloaked in "Terrorist Acts"....

    Mr Aziz is quoted as saying he doesn't want to support the atrocities being commited by our soldiers in "his" country. By that i believe he means his homeland, my question to him is, if HIS country is under threat and in such a bad way why isn't HE back there helping to sort it out.

    Mr Aziz is clearly using his 'freedom of choice' to live comfortably in MY country. A country defended with the blood of MY people and who's lives and sacrifices are so inexcusably forgotten and taken for granted by the likes of Mr Aziz.

    Anyhoo, i've made my point, i just wish Mr Aziz would have some stones and pipe up...

    Thanks for listening to my rants, it's good to put feelings into words. otherwise you tend to ride your MB a wee bit too fast!:helmet:
  10. bluegoatwoods

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    You're right. When something bothers us, it helps to just say it.

    And it's a compliment that you feel you can say it to us. thanks.
  11. milegajo

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    Thanks alot for you're understanding bluegoatwoods
  12. Mountainman

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    Houston -- big problem noted here -- alert !!!

    Calling Houston -- big problem noted here -- alert !!!

    ok -- so here we go
    good old Mr Aziz is talking about his said country
    and wishes to do so much to defend it -- right
    but yet -- he does not even live there

    shame shame on this lame lame guy

    he can ride that THING right on back home !!!