Arragh...What A Day [clutch bearing]

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  1. JunkersBikes

    JunkersBikes Guest

    Well decided to work on my other project today (putting a mildly built 355 sbc & 700R4 tranny in a 91 Chevy S10) and well my motor mounts are messed up, so moved back to the bicycle, I took off the cover of the drive chain (left side where the cog is) and stupid me had my dog outside, well he accidentally knocked the bike over, when this happened the ball bearing in the clutch "shaft" where the lil pin goes in, fell out and all be damned if I can't find it, so my long winded question is this.....

    does anyone know off hand what size bearing that is? I tried one out of a 1 piece crank and it got lodged in the motor (thank GOD I got it out) or does anyone know what I could use in it's place, the cheaper the better lol

  2. I've seen them for sale Here, Fifth item down on the right
  3. Herrmanator8

    Herrmanator8 Guest

    your local hardware store should have some. in the store theyll have a section with trays of bolts n' things, look for ball bearings, or bearing balls. they should have them. if not, dax's has some of the stock ones for sale on their site,

  4. JunkersBikes

    JunkersBikes Guest

    yeah I figured I could get one at the hardware, just don't know what size to get lol
  5. Ball bearing size

    That pin and ball are 8mm

  6. JunkersBikes

    JunkersBikes Guest

    thanks you very much Mike
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