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Feb 18, 2016
Georgia USA
I called to ask some questions about how they balance their crank and who ever answered did not have a clue! I talked about static balancing or dynamic balancing getting rotating weigh and reciprocating weigh and this person did not have a clue which tells me he knows very little about balancing. I have been balancing Harley cranks for 40 years but this person could not tell me anything so no telling how they do it or if they even do it properly! Will not be the first time I will make my own jigs and know it is done right.


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Apr 30, 2017
Phoenix, Arizona
Well I spent just over 700 dollars on March 22, 2017 to get what Arrow Motorized Cycles calls their "7hp Big Block". That's big money when it comes to motorized bicycles!
It shipped out to me on April 12, 2017 and arrived on April 14, 2017. On April 12 I was sent an email with an apology about the carburetor coming later because of a damaged shipment. No problem. So on April 25 the new carburetor was on it's way. It shows up on April 28 and it's a Huafeng carburetor. It seems to be a cheap Chinese copy of a Japanese Keihin.
I'm expecting a Keihin 16mm like anyone would if they study the Arrow webpage. Check out the "high-performance-ported-cylinders--carburetor-combos" section. It's all Keihin 16mm on the 2 strokes except if you buy the "9.5 HP Reed Case Racing Engine" which comes with a 26 mm VM round slide racing carb, a Mikuni.

Also the 700 dollar modified engine I bought came with a cheap little plastic fuel filter that was also damaged. Not a big deal, I emailed them about this and suggested that they send a replacement like the mere 10 dollar metal fuel filter that they sell on their website, which should have come with the 700 dollar engine to begin with. That's huge money for a modified Grubee Skyhawk, but I took the chance. I'm having the engine installed in the next month and I'm sure it will be a nice running ride, but right now I'm not impressed at all with the way Arrow Motorized Cycles does business.

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