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    I will try best to explain,to be read with pics.. Sub-frame fabricated to contain all the mechanicals and add on bits, NO,welding alteration,drilling of holes etc; to original bike frame ,This retains the integrity of this and or any other frame that may be used...The rear wheel size 20" allows for a sub-frame to be 3" lower than bike rear axle mounting holes on bike thus keeps visual profile pleasing and allows for ground clearance of pedal cranks,smaller rear wheels also create ratio engine to ground speed ideal for a trike,not fast but adequate,will climb a wall without pedal assist.The frame mirrors (not exactly) the bikes rear lower forks,and the carries thru to be cut off to any length later,these 2 rails are fabricated medium guage slotted angle(used in AirCon Industry),they apex at what used to be the kick down stand bracket on original bike,and are bolted,2 rising brackets from either rail form location for bike original axle position,using a bike rear axle with locknuts inner and outer to bike frame ,this helps keep rails true, Pics show a small nut and bolt on each fork,only for the build.There is a 4" long drilled flat welded to top of rail to accomadate idler 8 positions. The axle made from heavy wall thickness 7/8" Hi-Tensile tube,this allows for 2 self align bearings back at subframe and no bend between these and wheels. the drive sprocket from the kit fitted to a standard rear bike hub with original freewheel sprocket at standard position for bike.There are too many variables to mention,mainly crank sprocket from BMX creating easy gear to pedal when required.Do not even consider 6 speed or others it all becomes too hard. The problem is the bike chain must pass over the rear fork and under the crankcase of the engine when fitted..As I said too many variables,I would not advise this build unless you have plenty of time and some welding skill all up this took me about 70 hrs and cost exactly $327.00 that includes for lights,toolbag,dual brake cable,and a few other small items,also the self align bearings at $12 each from China. Rear brake rotor and caliper $19 also from China..Hope anyone reading and the pics can work it out . Stay safe and Happy,Allen

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    Thanks for the pics!