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    On May 27, 2010 in his long overdue press conference, President Obama made reference to a family member frequently opening his office door and asking "daddy, did you plug the hole yet." Someone on twitter created a 'hash tag' called #AskDaddy and the fun began! Scores of 'Ask Daddy' tweets were generated by thousands of twitter users. Here are some of the best!

    "Daddy, when you stop the oil leak, will you be able to walk on water again?"

    "Daddy, why don't you want the people in Arizona to have a fence? We have a fence..."

    "Daddy can we visit uncle Sestak again or is he bad now like Pastor Jeremiah?"

    "Daddy why do you have so many friends from Goldman Sachs if they are the bad guys?"

    "Why are all of your bobble head dolls now on sale at Max Mart?"

    "Daddy, why are all the people in the White-House from Chicago?"

    "Daddy, why do you want to fundamentally transform America? I thought America was a good country."

    "Daddy, why do they say you throw people under the bus?"

    "Daddy, why are you writing a check to Mr. Sestak?"

    "Daddy, why do you always say 'Let me be clear,' then a bunch of stuff that doesn't make sense.?"

    "Daddy! When can we use white toilet paper like at school? This American Flag paper chafes my bum."

    "If your father was a Communist, why would you have dreams about him instead of nightmares?"

    "Daddy, can I go to college at the Univ. of Arizona? Hugh? Daddy? Can I?"

    "Daddy, do I have a Birth Certificate?"

    "Daddy, will you read me another bed time story about your hero Mao?"

    "Daddy, where were the American flags at your news conference today?"

    "Daddy, why can't you tell me a story without using a teleprompter?"

    "Daddy, does 'hope' include 'change' in November?"

    "Daddy, I thought you were born in Kenya?"

    "Why is it OK for your friends to make millions and billions of dollars, but it's not ok for the rest of America?"

    "Daddy, is Mommy proud of America yet?"

    "Daddy, what's a 'Big Fúcking Deal'? Like uncle Biden says?"

    "Daddy, I thought you liked BP because they gave you all that money?"

    "Daddy, can you read us a bedtime story other than Rules for Radicals?"

    "Daddy, why do you call Nashville people miserable drowning rats and ignore them?"

    "Daddy, I can only remember 50 states, what are the other 7, Kenya okay, 6 more."

    "Daddy, why do we need a civilian army just as powerful and well funded as the military? Didn't Hitler do that too?"

    "Daddy, peek-a-boo I see you. I thought you were suppose to be transparent?"

    "Daddy, why are Americans starving in the streets and all the illegal aliens getting free food and stuff?"

    "Daddy, patience, trust and ethics are a good thing, right?"

    "Daddy, why are you going to skip the Arlington ceremony on Memorial Day and go to a McCartney Concert?"

    "Daddy, did you ever have a regular job?"

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    that's pasted from an email
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    Daddy, does the dog have his own jet now?
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    Daddy, will we see Grandpa Malcolm when we get to heaven?
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    Good one!!!
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    daddy, did BP really get the Lockerbie bomber out of jail !