Astoria Oregon area?

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  1. megamotormagna

    megamotormagna New Member

    Is anyone rocking their MB's in the Astoria to seaside area?

  2. Sgt. Howard

    Sgt. Howard Member

    What's the law like in Oregon?
  3. megamotormagna

    megamotormagna New Member

    I am unsure, I need to call DMV to get a crystal clear answer and maby record the convo for future issues? here is a link to the DMV site

    However I still think its a bit vague.I primarily ride at night to and from work and on the side road i travel there's no police. plus in my area their fairly relaxed about these small things.Now when I lived in Bend a friend of mine had a cruiser bike with a spookytooth kit and her rode that beast everywhere all the time and never had a problem with the law.
  4. mabman

    mabman Member

    I did a bunch of runs between Astoria and Seaside a few years ago. Used the Lewis and Clark Rd. and hit the mainline before Crown Camp which was nice. I did it with both an electric setup and a 4 stroke gasser.

    For sure don't be running your motor on the riverfront path please as that will just make folks mad. My 4 stroke bike pedals well enough without the motor going with a tailwind that I used to take it on there sometimes and I did it both ways with my electric because it was silent but kept my speed down around others.

    Both my rigs could take 8th st and get to the Column with ease btw.

    The big thing with OR motor law is that they restrict motor assist bicycles to 35cc or less and 25 mph. That pretty much makes China Girls illegal in OR. In fact not many options outside of friction drive or Golden Motor types. My 4 stroke is a 49cc and never got hassled with it but played it very cool around town for sure but wasn't afraid to open it up on the back roads.
  5. megamotormagna

    megamotormagna New Member

    I don't worry much about the police. i leave for work at 5pm and ride back home at 2-3am.
  6. I hope to get up there on a 6000 mile ride from Alabama,......leaving next week. I plan to turn down the coast at seaside after a little camping at the junction (53x26) near Hamlet. that's the plan anyway.....anything could happen between then and now though/.
  7. Yeah. play it cool and act like you know what youre doing and just dont look like youre havinmg too much fun and the cops will always leave you least that is what Im hoping.