at it again...a real pipe this time...

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  1. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    i been playing silly buggers with paper again. ill never grow up, every day should be craft day!

    all glued together the right way...i hope?
    PICT0250 (Medium).JPG

    well, at least that bit looks fairly ok...
    PICT0252 (Medium).JPG

    i have to cut HOW many pieces? and hey, git boy! you glued number 18 over a hole! you gunna have to recut that one!
    PICT0254 (Medium).JPG

    no mucking around, all cut and deburred! thats the way i roll!
    PICT0256 (Medium).JPG

    rolled. get the welder out tomorrow, and zap zap...
    PICT0259 (Medium).JPG

    ill return with a comparison video soon. brand new engine, out of box. stock pipe versus a weasley pipe!
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  2. professor

    professor Active Member

    You have a real hi level of patience. Wow
  3. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    I just love your paper pipe setup !!!

    You could spend all day creating differently presented pipes, just for a visual extravaganza, like convergent twin pipes.
  4. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    paper is the only way to do these things! there is no way im cutting and welding steel without knowing if it will actually fit!

    the process is pretty simple. BUT, if this pipe works out easily and i can weld it up in less than a day, ill invest in the profiles to be lasercut and make lots! lots and lots of them! maybe reduce the number of segments and increase the angle between each one, save on a lot of welding.

    shame my welder decided to have a hissy fit as i did the 2nd tack weld. now im waiting on a new tig so i can finish. could oxy acetylene it but... i aint got any acetylene :( and seeing as i have a full bottle of argon... i need to use it :)
  5. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    man I hope you will be wise enough to have the stinger internal to the belly area to cut the noise in half.
    I used to race MX and a loud pipe was needed on the starting line to hear your engine to know where its rpm was, but anywhere other than that the loudness was unnecessary.
    A belly-start stinger doesn't detract from hi rpm power but does give some mid range power.
  6. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    i always stuff my stinger up the reversion cone. does the job. this one i didnt cus im experimenting!

    finished. wheres the pics?...lets see now...

    all tacked up
    PICT0267 (Large).jpg

    funky header connection (patented)
    PICT0273 (Large).jpg

    trialling, trialling...
    PICT0279 (Large).jpg

    all glued up... only one or two pinholes so far!
    PICT0281 (Large).jpg

    ok, i tuned this pipe for 7000rpm.

    im not as happy with it as the one in my avatar, which was for 8grand. it winds out more! and sounds better!

    then again this is a 26incher with 44T, thats a 20 with a 28T... this might just feel slow cus its taller? meh.

    still, the pull up some of the hills around here is phenomenal! the lower speed helps.

    i was trialling an experimental internal cone on the reversion, not sure.

    correct, there is another cone inside the reversion cone.

    ive pulled it since taking these.

    think ill make another one for 8 grand again... and try the cone thingy on that!

    still sounds good :)

    video? hmmm... yet to mount the cam to the bike itself, but lets see if i can work this one out...


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  7. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    That sounds like one of my relationships with an awesomely adventurous girlfriend.
  8. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    oh my :innocent:probably sounded better too!
  9. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    i'm having a good laugh at that reply
  10. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    imbalanced approach

    I hate to point this out but there is a huge discrepancy in technology with your ride.
    You have made a super-duper exhaust pipe and yet you still have a stone age carburetor. Probably also the stock 4 stroke CDI too. Probably also weak engine compression. No reed valve. The effects of an expansion chamber are much more with a reed valve than with piston port intake. OK so if you don't have the money to spend I understand that but then you don't even have intake extension which is like throwing away usable power just because you don't want to spend $11 for an offset intake manifold and a few dollars for a 3/4" heater hose (cut to 2.5" length).
    Everything on a 2 stroke is inter-related in a complex system and it strikes me hard when someone only focuses on one part of many that need to be upgraded together.
  11. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member


    jaguar cdi perhaps?

  12. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    perhaps, or any other true 2 stroke CDI adapted for use on this engine.

    Your pipe building expertise is really impressive but no pipe is going to make up for all the other inadequate factors.
    I like your long tapered baffle cone which is what's needed for a broad powerband. I hate that only pipes with steeply tapered baffle cones are available for this engine. People have to cut them and weld in an extender to adapt it for this engine. But that actually works even better than a long cone.
    I'd love to see you make pipes available for this engine.
  13. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    yes, ok, its a very dodgy video! i need a new camera! i need a mount for my new camera! zip ties dont work :(

    and im working still on how to do a split screen or "side by side" video to compare a stock pipe with my weasel pipe!

    anyway. enjoy. watch out for my foot about halfway through...on the steepest part! this thing does not need pedalling, and i couldnt anyway! its been stuck in first gear since i cut all the cables :D

    this is on a COMPLETELY STOCK engine, BTW.

    (engine) vibration is minimal (ignore the video) when it comes on the pipe! no rubbers, no thick grips, no counterweights or reduced weights or anything involving wolfram or plumbum.

    yes, i am looking at making these pipes for, so far, $150 seems to be the estimated price. still waiting for a quote on lasercutting the profiles out. another two hours and i take my business elsewhere.

    custom pipes, to suit other frames, engines, etc, will be at least twice that cus there is a lot of work in them! ive done one for a bultaco 250. the guy was happy to fork out $1500. he looks at his trophies and says "$500 each!". it took 4 days.

    lets see... muffled? yep, just hacked up an old HT muffler. take out its guts, lengthen the stinger with some 15mm tubing, drill 6x5mm holes, which give a peak attenuation (60db) of 2100Hz in a 200mm length of 50mm tubing. 10 db attenuation on either side of peak.
    PICT0290 (Large).jpg

    just another pic. yes, there IS a schwinn stingray there, waiting, waiting... for me to make a vtwin 4poke!
    PICT0292 (Large).jpg

    what was this last one? oh! yes! the perforated reversion cone INSIDE the other one... i really gotta experiment with this more...size of holes, total open area of the mesh, etc etc... remembering to reduce the cone template by the material thickness so it will actually FIT INSIDE... so far, results are...inconclusive. so i pulled it off and just used a standard cone. and yes, i do smoke.
    PICT0293 (Large).jpg
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  14. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    I like the look of that pipe!