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Street Ryderz

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Oct 14, 2016
As another season comes to the end,my personal goal has yet to be met.Trying to get over 70 in a quarter mile is no easy task,getting over 70 isn't that easy at any time with these engines.There are a few people now doing 70+ but it takes alot of distance for them to achive this and they kill engines doing it!I'm trying to do it with an engine that has over 3k in miles on it and is used both as my daily and race bike.Top speed attained this season was 72.8 @10,800 rpm with the 11/30 gearing and that was on the street (hiway),at the track best was 68 so far on a first pass.I need to figure out how to still make more power below the pipe to improve on the 60ft times and just pull better in the 1/8th so as to unload the engine inside the 1/4 mile.Hot lapping proved to lose a bit of time with every pass and very difficult to put two back to back passes together with the same speed or time,with the engine just started and warmed up(not hot) puts down the best of both but then I have to wait a half hour to fourty minutes for the crank and every thing to cool down before the next attempt.On average a hot engine will suffer from 2-3 mph losses compared to a warm one and that just makes being consistant a b*tch!


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Apr 1, 2017
Thanks for sharing that Street Ryderz. We have an 1/8 mile track. I would be interested in any advise from anyone drag racing the CG 2 stroke.


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Jul 2, 2018
This is awesome! I want to do a street legal/drag race MB build and was gonna start it this month but instead picked up an early 2000s Concourse to play with for a bit...

It will happen eventually though, I started getting parts lol.