Attaching Fenders w/ Skewers???

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by MotoMagz, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. MotoMagz

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    Would like to attach some fenders(yes I know bad idea)securly to my bike.I have skewers,is that okay? I can't change to a solid axle so it better be okay!:ack2: Suggestions or answers please,MotoMagz

  2. spad4me

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    When your front fender becomes un skewered and locks the front wheel resulting in your nose becoming the first thing to hit the pavement .After you fly over the handlebars.
    You will really wish you had not installed fenders at all.

    Fenders are a BAD idea.
    Skewers are for food .
    BBQ anyone.
  3. MotoMagz

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    replacement axle sealed bearings

    Hey S4m the BBQ is almost ready! I need to find a source not a sauce for replacement axles. Mine are sealed bearings 9mm & 10mm so i need to get some with the shoulder to hold the bearing then I will be good to go.Any help would be great. MotoMagz
  4. spad4me

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    Just off the top of my head staton for online axles or maybe gebe.

    Locally any good bikeshop.

    Seriously front fenders are DANGEROUS.
  5. augidog

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    really, now...fenders, by definition, are NOT dangerous, but an effective safety feature instead.

    however, spad' & i are on the same page...expecting certain bicycle components, like wally-world fenders, to hold up to motorvatin' is "dangerous thinking."

    i'm being lazy with the c&p because i already posted this elsewhere:
    yaknow, i actually prefer the no-fender look, but i ride full-time, the MB is my only transpo' fenders are a necessity, as is the case on any serious vehicle.

    i don't own any planet bike stock, i'm just very enthusiastic (still) about the MB's potential as a globally accepted mode, so i want everyone riding safe & comfy...imo, we present a much better image when we're not falling apart or falling down...or both :whistling:

    if ya got $30, take a chance on these fenders...besides what i've i've already sed about them, here's why i sed it:
    -the round-rod braces withstand vibration. not a single round brace has broken on over a dozen different bicycle/kit combos and thousands of collective miles. that's direct experience.
    -use zip-ties instead of hardware. these things are so light, it works. zip-ties do not vibrate loose. both fenders can be installed on a variety of chassis' without a single screw, washer, or nut. but, they can be installed by a nut...

    that's direct experience, too :ack2:

    gary fisher/rst fork:

    ok, there ya go...i didn't come along to be argumentitive, but to tell you all about what i directly know to be a working solution.

    and dig this:
    noone i ride with ever fell down because they fell apart, & the few riders who have fallen down didn't fall apart ;)

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