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    The following is an Email I wrote to Alberta Transportation and their reply. It would appear that motorized kit bicycles have been made illegal not only in Alberta but throughout Canada via Transport Canada regulations and definitions. I urge all Albertans and Canadians to express their disapproval to the MLA'a and MP's and request the appropriate legislation be amended to allow motorized kit bikes without the requirement to be licensed and insured and to be on equal footing as electric powered bicycles.

    Dear Sir:

    I have have recently become aware of the new legislation regarding powered assisted bicycles. See

    I applaud the elimination of the weight restrictions for electric bikes.

    However, I am deeply troubled by the removal of engine driven bicycles from the definition of a power assisted bicycle to the reclassification of the same to "moped" . I am specifically referring to bicycles that have been modified with a small gasoline engine (less than 50cc) for pedal assistance, see Under the previous legislation these bike did not require license or insurance. Under the new legislation they are classified as a "moped" . Therefore if one puchases a engine kit (see Zoombicycles SOLD OUT - Jet Stealth 49cc Gas Bicycle Engine Kit | Bicycle Engine Kits | RuiHong Enterprises Ltd. ) he must also do the following to meet the vehicle equipment requirements for a moped:

    * Obtain a VIN (cost $52)
    * install headlamps, tail lamps, signal lamps,
    * install brake lamps, mirrors, and a side mirror
    * pay for a mechanical inspection (more $$)
    * obtain insurance (impossible)

    The performance of of an 49 cc gasoline engine driven power assisted bicycle is no different from that of a 500 watt electric bicycle (I know because I have both). It is clear that the electric bicycle lobby was influential in this legislation at the expense of the engine driven bicycle community. It is also interesting to not that the picture of the bike on the left of the official Alberta Government webpage depicts a gasoline engine powered bike (Revopower see RevoPower - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) which does not meet the moped vehicle equipment requirements. Clearly the legislators don't no what the **** they are doing and\or have shown a blatant disregard and prejudice of gasoline engine driven power assisted bicycles.

    Would you please reply to me(either via email or phone 403-328-8814) with an explanation of the rationale behind the removal of engine driven bicycles from a power assisted bicycle to the reclassification of the same to "moped" .


    Hello Blair:

    Thank you for your email of January 11, 2010 regarding mopeds.

    The changes to the power bicycle and moped done this past summer were to align Alberta with Transport Canada definitions.

    Transport Canada controls the import and construction of motor vehicles for sale in Canada. They also have a definition for power-assisted bicycles; Alberta has aligned with Transport Canada's definitions to stop some confusion that was occurring with vehicles sold in the province.

    Limited-speed motorcycles are required to meet certain standards to be allowed in the country; once this vehicle meets these standards a label is to be applied to the vehicle signifying its compliance with federal standards. Alberta aligned the moped definition with the limited-speed motorcycle definition to clear up the discrepancies between Alberta's old definition and the federal government.

    The same discrepancy was occurring with the power bicycle definition and the power-assisted bicycle definition. Transport Canada requires power-assisted bicycles to be marked with a label indicating the vehicle is a power-assisted bicycle; the federal classification only allows for electric powered vehicles. Adopting the Transport Canada definition allows Albertans to know from the federal label how the vehicle can be used in Alberta.

    The previous definitions Alberta had, which allowed gas powered engines, had different criteria which involved weights. New vehicles were exceeding these weight restrictions and were falling out of their intended use because of Alberta's unique legislation.

    Thank you for bringing an error with the publication to our attention we will fix this error as soon as possible. If you have any further questions please contact myself.

    Chris Yanitski
    Vehicle Safety E.I.T.
    Alberta Transportation

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    "Adopting the Transport Canada definition allows Albertans to know from the federal label how the vehicle can be used in Alberta."

    Perhaps the the lawmakers need more overtime. Maybe we can work on laws putting labels on hammers and wrenches so mechanics know how they are to be used.

    Better yet, lets expand it further. Paper and pens need labels also, for people in offices!
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    Been at odds all summer with the local PD...seems to be a losing the "this is not the USA" speech a couple off times''...maybe we could move the border up about 200 miles?

    I would only need it to be moved 15 miles for myself...but i feel for the rest of you to:)
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    Thats what I was always trying to tell everyone about what it is like in Victoria.

    The SNARLIES are anill about ICE bikes and will throw the book at you
    and you loose your bike on the spot.

    I was really choked because I spent 50 years in Alberta and 3 years
    after I moved here and got into MB's they were legal back home
    but not in our new home province.

    I think you can write letters till your blue in the face but Alberta was
    the only place with different laws that I know of....Good Luck, I hope
    you guys win but it won't change a thing here...Green and Clean...POPS

    PS..I bought 2 Zoom 69er's for Mumzie and I so I could build a couple of
    Rock hoppers for us up on the mountain trails but next year all off road
    Bikes,quads,sleds,etc. have to be licenced and insured even though you can't
    go on the road...TAX GRAB!!!...POPS
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    Canada is over regulated

    Canadian politicians are a bunch of clowns that think the rest of us are morons and every aspect of our life must be regulated for our own safety. Very few have the balls to be independent and do the reasonable and right thing. Currently parliament is "parouged", ie the government has chosen not to show up for work...which may me a good thing.....we all know that they a good for nothing !
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    That's only because they are following the USA into the New World Order. They have good teachers down here! Why should they help you when it's easier to screw you and more profitable too!

    That's about all I can say w/o getting in trouble here!
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    Machiasmort,your safe until 3AM then they will come for you.

    The only thing that will save you is to offer to take in Haitian orphans!

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    Looks like I'm S.O.L., I can't afford to feed myself.
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    Canadian letter writing campaign

    The potential penalty cost of operating a motor vehicle without insurance, license, headlights, tail lights,and signal lights can easily add up to thousands of dollars if I happen to get a cop who had a fight with his wife that morning or a bad cup of coffee. This is more risk than I wish to assume.

    I think the only chance we have in changing this situation is a letter writing campaign to our Minister of Transportation, MP and MLA's. We need to have a few members submit template letters which can easily be cut and pasted along with a directory of MP's and MLA's email addresses. If we make it easy to do and these politicians get hundreds of letters it may make a difference.

    You can start by emailing the Minister John Baird of Transport Canada at

    Followup with letters to your MP and sure to include your name and address.

    Good luck !!!
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    I just spoke with a registry in Calgary and this is what I found.

    Gas Motorized Bikes are Exempt from registration and no license is required (over 12yrs of age)

    -49cc or less
    -Must not have a clutch or gear box
    -Maximum speed 32km/hr

    I realize that this does not help with the bike path rules banning motorized bikes in Calgary. Also, I'm not certain if there is an insurance requirement.

    If motorized bikes are exempt (given the specs above; than for the most part there shouldn't be too many issues riding on the streets, provided the speeds are reasonable.

    Does anyone have further info on insurance and if it is a requirement and cost?

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    Alberta Legislation

    That isn't what Alberta Transportation is saying (see first post of this blog) I suspect that the registry in Calgary in not aware of the change in legislation.
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    People are totally confused !!

    I have no doubt that Alberta Transportation considers ice bikes as mopeds and therefore requires license and insurance. I also feel that even if one gets a VIN number you will never make them CSVV compliant and able to insure and license.

    I too went into my local Alberta Vehicle Registration place and was told they did not require licensing and was given an old copy of the legislation.

    I live in a small Alberta tourist town in the summer and was working on my bike outside when a local RCMP officer came buy and started a conversation. He initially told me that it was a moped and required licensing and insurance. I told him about my experience at Alberta Vehicle Registration and showed him the old legislation that I was given. He told me he would look it up but wouldn't bother be riding the bike anyway.

    Yesterday he dropped by with another piece of paper which was the old regulations and told me I was OK and to keep the paper for reference. So as far as I'm concerned I am safe riding in my small Alberta town but know people are getting ticketed elsewhere in Alberta.

    Not fair for others....but shows how confused people are over this bicycle legislation thing ! The whole thing is so stupid ! My electric bike will outperform by motorized bike yet one is legal and they other is not.
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    Hate to bust yours and the RCMP guys bubble but the ICE bike is illegal in Canada. Period.

    You run ac
    across a savy cop and the fact that an RCMP officer gave you a piece of paper and $5 buck will buy you a coffee at Starbuck. Won't buy you sh*t in court.

    As my former wife the ex cop always said, ignorance of the law is not a defence in court.
    I learned that from some of the Judges I was in front of. Why? look at my name.

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    bgoates what type of electric motor do you have? The only thing that my electric does better is take off and hill climbing. I can go just as fast on my electric as my gas, but my range suffers BIG TIME.
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    Fasteddy..I think I am safe,,with that Mexican family living in the back yard shed..reminds me I need to up the rent they now have electricity two times a day for a little while
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    "Followup with letters to your MP and sure to include your name and address."
    If i do that the gestapo will knock on my front door--wait ill ride out the back !!
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    Robin, Green Gordon Cambell will personally stop by and beat you with a fresh farm raised salmon then charge you HST and a 10% green tax for the service and depleting natural resources.

    I want to send the MP and MLA'S a letter stuffed with Monopoly money and a note that my money used to be worth something until they got in. Now it's just play money.

    The G8/G20 police would be at my door within the hour.

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    Yes i think thats what will happen.
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    I had a good laugh at that one Steve :grin5:

    Yes, that is most likely what would happen :rolleyes7:

    The legal situation is indeed confusing for the average joe, every time I talk to someone about my MB's I always say that they are not legal, just so they can think over real good if the really want one. Nobody ever believes me, I always get a response like "But I've seen some place in the city selling rack mount kits, surely they must be legal....but lot's of people ride those....but electrics are legal, why wouldn't gas ones be?....are you sure they aren't legal?....."

    I got passed by a RCMP car when I was going up a steep hill on one of my HT bikes not long ago. Clearly it was the engine pulling me up not the pedals. He just drove by, never payed any attention to me, lucky lucky. I also live in a small town that lives mostly off of tourism in the summer (since the saw mills have closed - canfor....), maybe that has something to do with it. They don't tolerate atv's and dirt bikes going through town (even though you do see one once in a while), but the MB's they don't seem to mind at all. My old friend to whom I sold my first MB is known to the local RCMP for previous DUI's and lost licences (he currently DOES have a valid license and doesn't "dui" anymore, cost him too much $$), and even he doesn't get bothered by the police.