Attn: All Florida Motor bicyclist !!!!

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  1. ZipSnipe

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    Ok after my brother got stopped and after I got done talking to the DMV and various police depts I have come to this conclusion.

    There is no real legislation on the issue of motorized bicycles and eventually they(the government will regulate it)

    So my suggestion is this, why don't we as a group adopt what we want as regulation for it before the politicians do it for us?

    We can come up with a rough draft and mail it to our representatives and hopefully get something done in our favor rather then they turn it into a joke?

    So for a draft here's what I figured so far

    First the bicycle frame should be clear of any police reports of it being stolen, this means having the police dept check the serial numbers. We want to do this as many of us will use used bicycles to motorized and they the state will want reciepts for the frames or have some way to show that the frame is legit.

    Second , must have a way of showing the cc's of a motor in the form of a receipts from the vendor or licensed mechanic verifying the engine size.

    If you guys can think of anything else lets hear it.

  2. sparky

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    How about...

    "If it has pedals... LEAVE THE GUY ALONE!!!

    Provided that the guy with such pedal-assist bicycle is not harming anybody or anybody's property."

  3. caferacer

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    thats it!:D
  4. ZipSnipe

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    yeah in a dream world that would be nice but remember we live in Florida aka Police State. Lots of retiree's and such won't be long before cities start outlawing them or incorporating their own laws.

    Example : take the beach, used to be you could just drive right on it, no toll ****, no crappy poles every 25ft , so called conservation areas or the million dollar beach deficit the county ran up.

    Why did that all happen? Because me and my friends were to busy surfing and not paying attention that other people are making crappy decisions for us.

    The same goes for these motored bikes, right now they are in that almost perfect limbo where most police departments don't know what to do with them. So yeah for now maybe some of you get a free ride but mark my word some day some councilman that you maybe happen to live by hates the motorbikes and gets some crappy ban or other legislation against motorbikes and then the fun's over.

    Thats why I say lets strike first, come up with our own legislation, sure maybe you have to pay $30 to $40 bucks to register it but it would be worth it if the legislation was in our favor as far everything else goes such as peace of mind knowing that no matter what city you ride through you got paper to show that your legal. Otherwise ya end up in court like Butch did.
    I don't know about yall , but I HATE going to court!!!!
  5. occchopperfl

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    There is laws in place. I dont see the need. If we stir the pot, legislation MAY go against us.

    Yes the law contradicts. - a. DMV vs b. Local FL Tax and Tag and c. FL Dept of Hwys

    Buuut, you can get a motorized bicycle registered. Period.

    Search this topic, and several have legitimately done it, as recent as yesterday.

    Get your bike registered.

    Good Luck! :)
  6. jg767

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    I agree, registration, helmet, mirrors, lights, safe speed, obey traffic rules and they will leave you alone. Why stir a hornet's nest?
  7. ZipSnipe

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    Ya know after further investigation, I have found that I agree with you guys to a point, yes you can get it registered and I am closing this thread!!!