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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Eco Speeder, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. Eco Speeder

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    I have a Boost Bottle coming for my 43cc Mit. I was wondering if you guys have any tips on getting my carb dialed in.

    I do have a specific question that comes to mind: the lean / rich setting is going to change for sure......How do I know if it's too lean? And should i goto a a 45:1 mix instead of 50:1 to be safe?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. jlebh1

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    hi not shure bout the intake but like I say better to have too much oil than not enough (to an extent though) I'd rather a smokey exaust rather than a little bit less smokey and slowly stuff your engine
  3. SirJakesus

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    The TLE43 is supposed to be 40:1. Hope you're not running that beauty dry!
  4. alex

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    It might be different for your mitsu than for my ht, but when I put my boost bottle on, it idled like it was at half throttle, so you might have to adjust it down some.
  5. Eco Speeder

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    Mine is the real deal Mitubishi / John Deere CARB II rated.
  6. Eco Speeder

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    Boost Bottle

    That is encouraging:D. I was not getting any user feedback on the BB was starting to wonder is it is snake oil. What kind of extra performance did you get from it?

    Mine should be here monday finally. I got a new carb which is still in the box. I'm kindof glad it took so long in a way because I believe i came up with a way to make the volume of the B Bootle, hose and fitting exactly match the engine displacement.
  7. Yup. Turn down screw. Done! :grin: