ATTN: EVERYONE... Spread the MB word thru DIGG!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by sparky, Sep 11, 2008.

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    I had suggested that we submit an "article" to Digg before, but nobody else did it. So I took it upon myself to push some more folks our way by submitting the Crash Course link with a title and description I thought might be attractive to Digg users.

    If you don't know what Digg is... Welcome to news in the 21st Century!! Join now, if you haven't done so already, and then digg the article so that we can shine the MB light on more people, and *hopefully* it'll make the front page of Digg. Do it now!

  2. terrence

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    OK sparky i'll jump on board. It's going to take a little bit for me to read up and
    get with the news in the 21st Century but at first glance it looks like it could be
    a winner. Thanks, terrence
    PS. You have a cool avatar. :grin:
  3. sparky

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    Thanks Terrence!

    As for the rest of you... 55 views and only 2 diggs and no comments at the Digg submission?!?

    If you don't like the submission to Digg, how would you change the title and description? It's not like we're limited in our submissions, so perhaps we could come up with something more appealing to both Digg and MBc users.
  4. sparky

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    Well... you guys were no help (other than Terrence, of course)!!

    Nobody thinks a better submission or article could be written so that we could all digg it?
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    Sorry, sparky. You're a good guy and I'd like to cooperate with you. But I've been wondering if it's a good idea. (Haven't made my decision, yet.)

    I wonder if drawing attention to ourselves before we are very numerous won't just draw the type of attention that we don't want.

    Maybe it's better to let them come to us. (Not sure I believe that. It just ought to be considered.)
  6. sparky

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    I've considered it... and I don't see the point. It's selfish not to tell people about our riches here at MBc. Seems like most people just want to keep their unique status of MB rider, and they wouldn't be as happy with the lack of looks from everybody else riding one.

    Publicity to MBs has come in newspapers, TV news, the Internet, & almost every state that has enacted legislation regarding MBs has been exactly what we want... and MBc is still alive and kicking.

    What was it, like 75% of fuel in this country was used for transporting the average Joe in his sedan, motorcycle, or Hummer?? We could easily cut that in half, ensuring that we have enough petroleum to last us past the "coal energy conversion" time which is bound to happen when we eventually switch to electric or hydrogen vehicles. That's the only practical source of energy for vehicles right now other than petroleum! We are going to run out of petroleum sometime in the next 100 years, I'll bet... even with everybody switching to EVs or hydrogen fuel cells in the next 20 years, which is still not that likely. People will always need petroleum for airplanes, diesel to transport our food and other products into cities and elsewhere, trading products with other countries, lubricating engines & generators, wd-40 & pb blaster, heating oils, shingles, asphalt, plastics, and more!!! With other countries catching up with us, we can't expect to keep consuming the world's oil at the rate we're using it right now. We need to be saving all the petroleum we can, because it's gonna be extremely hard for any human society to continue without it.

    But right, we should just wait for others who don't even know about MBs to find an obscure website on the Interwebz. Good plan, guys. The economy is hurting so bad from transportation costs... we can't buy much more than food and other utilities which have also gone up due to rising fuel costs. Our country is so obese, and we don't want to change that?? More people are taking anti-depressents and anti-anxiety medicine, when all they really need is to get outside and let the wind blow thru their hair. Everybody would benefit from an MB, mostly directly but also indirectly as well... FACT!!

    I'm failing to see who it is we don't want to find out about MBs... give me a hint. The Law?!? NY is the only state that is anti-MBs. We also know that 99% of the cops we encounter are actually very intrigued with our MBs, and the cops here who could define my MB as a motorcycle actually turn their heads so long as I'm being safe. Only people we shouldn't want to find out about MBs are the oil companies and motorcycle/moped manufacturers, who wouldn't like us cutting into their profits one bit.

    Besides those taking a profit hit, really... who else shouldn't know about MBs??

    What evidence do you guys have that publicity is a bad thing for us?
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  7. sparky

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    Q: When is the best time to plant a tree? -- A: 10 years ago!!
    Q: When is the next best time to plant a tree? -- A: TODAY!! WAKE THE FREAK UP!
  8. bluegoatwoods

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    Gotta admit, Sparky, those are persuasive arguments. It's not that I want to keep this all to myself; I promise you that I'd love to see my entire neighborhood (and others) riding around on these things. Also golf carts and other small transport.

    My worry is the people who (still) think that anything short of a car on the roads is a nuisance and a "safety hazard". (I get mad thinking people use such stupid arguments. But that's beside the point.) It's people like this who get ordinances passed. Ordinances banning MBs, for instance. But maybe my caution is unnecessary; I have a feeling that we reached a tipping point when fuel got into the $4.00/gallon range. Though far too many are still reluctant to believe it, prices like this make driving unaffordable. And they will have no choice but to realize this, even if it takes them longer than it should.

    And you are correct in thinking that this society must drastically reduce petroleum usage soon. Maybe we've got a couple of decades to get the job done. Though even that might be on the optimistic side. I don't think I'm going too far by saying that the consequences of a refusal by us to do so are unthinkable.

    So I guess I'm balancing the need to reduce oil usage against the fear of busybodies making life hard on us. And it seems like the oil problem is more pressing.

    Okay, I think the choice is pretty clear. I'll be going and digging that story soon.
  9. There and DONE!
  10. sparky

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    Well, my take on the matter is that ordinances could possibly be passed if we don't train fellow MBers. Augi's influence on safety and self-regulation will live on forever.

    What if someone builds/buys an MB, but doesn't understand how important it is to be safe?? ...if not for himself, for every other MBer? If all MBers are influenced by Augi and us sooner, rather than later... we can still manage to keep things stable while increasing MB usage.

    This site is a tool for education and prevention. People didn't have a site like this when mopeds became popular, and they're left to learn on their own... sometimes ending in tragedy that induced legislation. If we actually use this tool to our advantage, we could very likely keep the self-regulation movement alive and maybe even other MBers in the process.
  11. I just dugg the article but it's only at 5 diggs I will send out requests to my digg friends and see what happens.
  12. sparky

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    I really think we should write something that was more persuasive of explaining why riding a MB is so awesome. Maybe even some testimonials or something.