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    evel knievels hog...xr750 wasnt it? crazy freaking insane maniac that really stuffed up more jumps than he landed! chrusty demons have NOTHING on that guy!

    at least two rotors! a herc and a suzi re5... as far as im aware the hercules does ue the fichtel sachs km48 with little or no modifications...

    mmmm, i miss my old pig of a bike, the much esteemed kawa gpz750.

    look at all the triples! point, close eyes, open throttle and pray!

    had to be one cbx down in all that. glad i didnt see a cx500. saw one the other day, gave myself whiplash to see if he had the turbo :(

    my opinion of bikies and harleys? if you wanna make noise and hang around in gangs...get a minibus and pull off the exhaust. wanna ride a hog? get the kickstart box, ya wimp! so tough yet they cant even kick over a measly 1200cc or whatever they are...pfft. cus boy, when you can do it.... who wants electric start? thats for old ladies on their way to church :jester:

    trust me...if i get it wrong when i do less than 70kg, i get launched :eek: and boy, i want an old side valve harley for spluttering round on :)

    ( may be cheaper to MAKE one...cus im sure as hell not allowed to RIDE the one i know of. just start it )
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    i still have my 1984 gpz 1100. i think its a littel over 12.000 miles.:cool:
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    83 for me, and not the turbo version that they made. thankfully. going from a 90cc honda to a 750 was a bit of a change! scared myself...erm...poopless when i first got it running, exhaust had rusted out just at the main collector... so i ran no pipe and WOAH! never had it go that well once registered and no defects!

    2nd hand, love to know exactly what had happened to the tank...weirdest damage i ever saw and the fool that repaired it didnt even prep the metal before applying layers of bog! but i clocked it right over in my few years on it :) scored a deal on the rear swingarm bearings, last ones available basically ever! (until theres enough backorders to justify setting up to make another batch or something they say) and they stuffed up and gave me all $600 worth for 200 :) couldnt find a decent linkage for down there but, was flogged... so never installed them.

    wish i hadnt sold it, but it cost me 100, made 400 :)

    only bike ive had with cup holders :jester:

    the current 650 im on weighs 60kg less and makes 10 more horsies...go figure.

    nice pics. danke :)

    actually no. makes me slightly green cus i cant afford any of them! :shout:

    didnt happen to be any of those silly 6 cylinder 250 cc hondas there, was there?