Augi, a thought on the "introduce yourself" rule.



I have no gripe with the rule itself...your board, your rules. (and also your board rules!) Please also note that I am one of the newer members who DID observe this rule.

But it might save you some policing if that rule weren't in the last post on the last page of the "read the rules" thread, and if were somewhere before the last paragraph of of the "welcome to MB.c" email. Since it's pretty much the first thing newbs should do, maybe it aught to be toward the beginning of the rules?

I guess I must have seen it in the email, but it took me a while to find it just now when I wondered "Is that really a rule?"




so...i think we have the intro-rule figured out. i think the current setup is effective but am open to more discussion.

but, yaknow...we do get a lot of forum-newbies...and learning search will always be an issue because of that. the rub is, of course, that anywhere we experienced folks would think a newbie will read about searching is probably the exact spot he or she will skip right over...being new, it's predictable.

should we just open one more garage-forum called: "i don't know where to post this, so i'm posting it here" ?

or to make it a bit more fun, we could just call it "stoopid questions" with a descriptive caption? we could make it a rule that the only way we can answer a 's-q' is with an MBc crosslink. concerned members could mention what keywords and search-options they used to get the results.

keep in mind that the easier we make it, the less some folks will try to help themselves.

mentoring? it's being tried but with little result.

corralling all new members into a limited area? i don't like that one.

stressing the point even more vehemently in the welcome message? as in a re-writing of it?

i wouldn't mind hearing from some recent new members about how it felt to walk into the place.

community input is good :)



if you refresh the main page, you'll see the new captions for the lobby and clubhouse...lemme know what y'all think.