AugiDog (Pt.2 of my mission statement)



augie in washington state, a 49yo classic-rocker...i'm finally gonna get my toy, the area is perfect for a motor'd-bike.

i'm buying and building at the beginning of november, standby for many prepared for stoopid questions, too :devilish:


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Aug 4, 2006

Good luck with everything. There are a lot of people here that can help you out with your questions.

If you e-mail me some pics, I will eventually get around to putting them up in the gallery.


Pt.2 of my mission statement

that was like post #3 for me...i nailed 1k this week. the coolest part for me is that there are almost 4500 posts that aren't mine...the real posts, the meat & taters of MBc.

i've talked about how important it is to us to keep the tech/mech stuff organized & that we intend to always remain family-friendly, and i've explained why we moderate content in the manner we do. i honestly appreciate that you all seem to tolerate tighter moderation than you're used to :)

to answer what else Mbc means to me: well, it's a remarkable social tool, i freak out with every new member the board gets, we truly are a bunch of forward-thinking folks, i can't imagine a more environment-friendly motorsport.

i've learned how others pioneered the concept, and how our contemporary builders have in fact already perfected it in many ways. the only negative i see in motoredbiking's early days is the fragmentation of information and activities. i imagine what 10 years of a centralized forum like MBc would have done for the sport & the movement. and i also realize it would have had to start somewhere...when Tom & i met, i guess, is when we'll say this one got off the ground.

what i'm doing my darnedest to provide is a solid platform on which to ensure that sort of longevity & effectiveness. pretty much all of the informative content on MBc was brought here by someone who was just looking for the right place to lay it out.

to me this is simple: for the social & legislative inclusion we'd all like to see, MotoredBiking has to become an "official" motorsport, with all the bells and whistles. all that takes is centralization and organization. we have plenty of real industry talent hanging out here, some genuine leaders, too.

now, i'm not your guy for organizing that sort of structure, & Tom already puts more than he can into the place. but i know, for fact, that there are many leaders here, some already proven & some not yet discovered.

what we can do at is keep this board as squeeky-clean as it has to be for all of the leaders to band together & form a real club.

i've posted pt. 2 of my mission statement in an open forum... figured i'd re-use my "introduce yourself" :)

i'm totally interested in what you all think about this...


ok, i'll keep on ramblin on...

let's use spookytooth as an example of what i'm trying to say. roland's already established one heck of an event. now let's say he advised someone in a different region on how to organize a similar event. myself, i have a vision of a "lemans-style" endurance race on the peninsula, some asphalt mixed with some beach cruising. that's not un-doable, the area is ripe for a new event to spice things up. the midwest is loaded with small to medium tracks that would gladly host an exhibition race before a regular event.

organized racing means tons of exposure. sponsorship would slowly gather, technology would advance, availability would increase as "for racing only" became valid. organized auto-racing still sells cars, organized motoredbiking could really set things on fire.

just sayin, is all...