augiedog made it!!!

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well as some of you may know augie has been trying to hook up with iride customs for some time now & build the new sabrina! he has tried relentlesly to find a ride 165 miles south down the coast. & he was gonna take sabrina as last resort & the day before leaveing he had major wrist pin bushing new parts from dax & left this morning at 230 am & made it the whole 165 miles without a glitch!i say he deserves the biggest hip hip hooray from all us motored bike fans for helping to further our lifestyle in the name of motored bikes .com. augie rocks!!! :D :D :D
spunout echos the HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!
safe, and in one piece (at least physically after that jaunt :LOL: ).
thanks for letting us know he's ok.
Happy :mrgreen:

EDIT: Unabridged (v 1.1)
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saddle sore :p :LOL:
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2. an irritation or sore on a rider caused by a saddle. Unabridged (v 1.1)
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Thats good to hear! I heard he had some problems with two blown tires even with the green slime.
Hey Dan, I will be heading that way tomorrow so be ready to pick me up half way. That would be around Denver I suppose.
No, just kidding, glad you made it Augie and I hope you accomplish what you are striving for.
Good man Dan!
We're finally calling it a night after a few beers and a lot of B.S.. Augie is going to post a short post before hitting the hay...he's been up for way too many hours and rode way too many miles today. Let me say we timed the meeting perfectly. I'll let Augie fill you in on the rest.

It's early to rise tomorrow for breakfast in my kitchen at 7am. Hopefully JE and JHarkins will be here as well. If anyone is in the area, fell free to stop by :)

hip hip hooray :cool: ffwwewww glad you made it bro!
can't wait till yall get back :)

wicked just wicked..........long stretch marathon 2 stroke voyage kool....
yes, i made it...what an adventure!!! sorry i don't have much to say tonite, but i'm whooped. 1 tire, 2 tubes,but the whole ordeal only cost me a half-hour, as i discovered i was just a 1/4 mile from fred meyers dept. store. the engine performed flawlessly & i'm not just saying that...i did WOT for 20-25 miles at a time, let 'er cool off long enough for a cigarette and off we'd go. more later in my "traveling" topic. thanks all for the support 8)

ps-i got to ride "brutus" this afternoon, & you're not gonna recognize "sabrina" when we're done :D

right on dude !!!
ll know that ride must of killed ya, but l'm sure it will be well worth it augi
thats pretty amazing that you rode that many miles and only had a few problems and glad you made it safely. have fun, enjoy yourself, and try not to think about the ride back :eek:
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