Augie's goin' to Alaska

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by cargo-master, Jun 18, 2010.

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    Augie's gonna board the vessel to AK shortly. He's in good hands. I like his style. I feel good kharma coming back to me from offering him an assist. He's going to assist me putting my mb together after getting himself settled in AK. That's a start! My sweetie will be pleased w/ me for getting that project finished. I've too many project going on all at once. I see he's got a lot of caring folks out there pulling for him. That's a wonderful thing. Y'all be good to yourselves out there. c-m

  2. augidog

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    c-m, you ROCK (and will soon be rolling, too)...i can't begin to put into words the extent of my gratitude...but i'm sure looking forward to having the chance to help you with your build and then riding with you...

    welcome to the MBc :cool:

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  3. Hey Augie, Glad to see someone else traveling on their MB, I am currently in MI (all the way from FL) Next stop for me is Montana (well next major stop ... over a week anyways).. After that I am right there with you I have actuall been considering AK myself ... its either that or just go till I hit the west coast the head South... Who knows, although I have always been fasinated by AK.

    Well, best of luck.

    Who knows maybe we will meet up in AK one day :helmet:

    OH yeah, I am considering going to 4-stroke... any recomendations .. so far I have been lucky with only minor issues with over 1200 miles on my 48cc grubee 2-stroke. but think a 4-stroke may be better 4 the LONG haul
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  4. Stan4d

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    You are the man cargomaster!!
    Welcome to MBc.!!
  5. KilroyCD

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    Welcome to MBc Cargomaster, and a sincere thanks for giving Augi that badly needed and greatly welcome assist.
  6. PatrickW

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    Hardy welcome to MBc, Cargo-Master...And I don't think you will regret helping out Augie.
  7. AussieSteve

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    Welcome to the world of motorised bikes, CargoMaster.
    What type of MB are you building?

    You know that you're not only carrying Augi and his bike, but there are heaps of us aboard as well.
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  8. Mary

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    Is your plan to stay in AK, ie, move up there?


  9. graucho

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    cargo-master... welcome to MB.c
    Great entrance into the group "paying it forward" to someone in need. Great example to follow i'd say. :bowdown: A few hundred frequent this site everyday so there's plenty of help if you have questions. Settle in and enjoy.
  10. Alaskavan

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    Welcome to MBc CargoMaster. Between Augie and Denny in Juneau (I don't know if you know Denny, but he's a good guy and very creative with bikes), you'll be riding soon. Thanks for helping Augie out.
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    Wellcome to MBc!

    Welcome to MBc.. and thank you fior assisting my bro Augi.. you will not regret running into him.. If it weren't for meeting him at the local tavern where I was working 3 years ago,I would not have joined such a cool forum and the motorized bike world..
    Ride against violence Augi helped me with my build a 4 stroke golden eagle subaru robin...I have over 15,000 miles never a breakdown.. since 2 stroke was a pain in the rump dragin gas with me was not cool, my clients would be able to smell it and the ease of drivin up 2 the pumps is great! Add an extra tank and now I go 200 miles and its 3/4 of a gallon..

    Cargo Master you rock and happy motoring... hope to meet you someday? Augi both beach crusin and I miss ya.. Glad it all worked out and you met CM.. God bless and enjoy the ride..
  12. fasteddy

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    Cargo Master, you are what makes this hobby so great. Thank you.

  13. locoWelder

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    Welcome to The Family CM!

    You've the best one of us to help with your build! Augi is 1 solid brother to have with you best wishes on your build and welcome to MBc :helmet:
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    Likewise from Juneau. Actually, Van over estimates me. If you heard about that crazy olefart running around town in the winter on the bikes with the motors, that would be, me, so pleased to meet you, if I haven't already.

    Anyways, keep an eye on the Dog until I can rein him in. :grin5:

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  16. Stan4d

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    Just a quick word Zomby. Thank you for calling attention to Augi's need. He has recieved what he needed and has asked all to stop donating. He is very appreciative of what he was given. Augi also would like all who did not support him at the time (but wish to) to make donations to any veteran affiliated places. (examples: DAV, VFW, American Leigion....and others)
    So thank you for your supportive words, but the need for donations directly to Augi has passed for the moment. With the journey he is undertaking it will probably happen again. In advance I am sure he is thankful.
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  17. quay1962

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    How cool is that! He received so much help that we can stop now.. Augi has always payed forward and it seems to have paid off.. Cargo Master good luck on your build and welcome again!
  18. Alaskavan

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    Augie asked me to check out Occ builds. I'll look around and see if I can find some links.
  19. anthony1973

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    Safe riding augi,And thanks for helping out cargo master.Once I get a spare rebuild kit or 2 to go with the one I have.I may attempt a long distance trip.Take care augi.
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