Aussie roll call......



Be curious to see how many Aussies are on the board, I know at least one each in Vic and Qld.... anyone in Sydney?
you folks are gathering fairly'll be interesting to watch this topic.

anyway, i moved this into the "let's ride" section...i know it's not exactly what you had in mind, but maybe it'll inspire someone, eh?
I'm in Adelaide and have a friend who showed me his motored bike (reason I now have one!) and will suggest we get a group ride going.

He is not computer literate at all so has not registered here.

To make it an official MBc ride do all riders have to be a registered member? I guess a group is more than one. :)

If we ride together would it be the first organised group ride in Australia????

I would like to have that tag so will help him to register anyway!!!!

We could call it the Light Beer Run.... you would not want to get too much into ya as it is not legal to ride a bike while drunk in OZ. :(
I'm In!!!

Lets get this Aussie ride organized.

Any suggestions as to when and where?
Well,. look at that, POP, POP, POP..... they're everywhere! :)

I'm up for anything, though I haven't had my first cup os coffee this morning, so I'll leave the where and when to when I get my head together....... :?
go for it, guys!!

to make it official, call it official...figure out what you'd like to call your MBc "chapter"...make sure tom sends you enough tank stickers for all the riders & plenty to hand out, too...take tons of them here...presto! an official australian MBc rally :D

shoot, the first "Pacific NorthWest" Chapter had 2 riders for it's "first" rally, and next day we had 4 members meet up at a bicycle swap-meet. it was a total hoot, see the thread about it in here 8)