Austin, Texas

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  1. Lorcher

    Lorcher New Member

    Anyone in Austin want to ride?

    I'm in S. Austin.

    I hear there is a meetup group in town that rides on Tuesday nights, but I say we get together on a weekend.

  2. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    July 18??

    Hey Austin,

    Carloads of wedding guests are congregating in Austin in the middle of July (whoever heard of a Thursday bachelor party???....I think the wedding is the 18th, I know it's a Saturday) and I might bring a couple of MBikes to explore the area while the idjuts sleep it off in lounge chairs around the pool.

    How many MBAustineers do we have? Is there a Tuesday get-together?

    Just thought I'd see if the MBsocial feature works.
  3. djdiggla

    djdiggla New Member

    I'm a southsider too. Maybe we could meet up and roll down to the Tuesday night thing some time. :helmet:
  4. A-TownTX

    A-TownTX Member


    I live on the south side as well djdiggla at the momment my newest engine is giving me problems hopefully Ill get it worked out before work 2moro lets get together and ride sumtime Ill message my #