Australian Heavy Haul - May 2016

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  1. Fabian

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    Needed to transport a load of mulch home, and i called on the old girl again to move cubic quantity.
    As always, the SickBikeParts Ultra Heavy Duty Shift Kit proved perfectly reliable with the ultra heavy duty twin row freewheel bearing system.

    You can see that i have an absolute requirement for a front derailleur operated dual range chain-ring system, with a very low first gear to get the tonnage moving on a standing start hill climb.

    This old girl isn't a show pony, but an every day work horse that gets the tonnage moving, and keeps the tonnage moving with dependable reliability.

    Last time it was firewood, this time it's garden mulch, maybe next time it's bricks and cement.

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  2. FurryOnTheInside

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    Ha! On a public road?! :eek:
    How far did you have to go with your road freight train?
  3. Arty

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    It amazes me every time I see some pictures of your "haulage".
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    Excellent lol
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  5. Fabian

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    That was a fairly short haul home. Maybe 2 miles in in American distance. The firewood was around 4 miles.
    Needed a good number of trips to get it transported, but bicycle trailer train got it all home, and the mulch now sits nicely spread throughout the garden beds.
  6. libranskeptic

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    Cool. I had much that thought in the context of a farmer say, having a mobile solar array & hefty battery on a train like that, towed by an ebike.

    He could do jobs ~anywhere on the farm, and have access to decent power.

    Being mobile, PVs could be parked so as to best use the sun during the day.

    Bear in mind, electric has torque advantages.