Australians: where to get bike bits and tools?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Merlin, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Merlin

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    Hi to all the Aussies here...

    I'd like to know where you all buy your bike bits and tools.
    Spokes, tyres, chains, cables, bearings etc
    Spoke spanners, chain breakers, those skinny spanners for the bearings etc

    There's not that much choice here in Darwin so I think I'll have to be looking online. Can you recommend any good places?

    The only places here [three bike shops] cater to the pretty boy $1000+ brigade. Then there's Kmart and BigW who sell some basic tyre repair kits and that's about it.

    I'm thinking ahead to my next bike, it will probably be another "Dump Shop" bike, but I'll do a restore job on it - new paint, chrome spokes etc etc.

    Oh yeh - one thing I want to get pretty soon - where can I get one of those dual brake handles that work both the front and back brakes at the same time? [atm I've just got the back brake disconnected...]

  2. Hardcarve1

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    Hi Merlin,
    I can go down to my local bike shop whice is run by an older couple who cater for the family & older bike rider. When you walk into their shop they treat you really well unlike the other two shops in the area who cater for the high performance big $ spends. They are only a small outfit and I doubt if they would do mail order but you could try them.

    This is the other place that I have looked at but have never ordered from them, I use them as a price check.

  3. stude13

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    hi merlin; it sounds like you could provide parts and pieces on your own or with a partner and fill a needed service.
  4. BoltsMissing

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    DIY method,
    Get an old spanner and thin it out on side of bench grinder wheel.
    As you are grinding, keep dipping in water so it don't blue the spanner.
    You can get old spanners at garage sales for about 50 cents to a dollar.
  5. hi mate , i tried the twin cable lever and it was **** , not the quality of the part it was good but the action sucked and the time taken to get the ajustment right . you have to run the pads real close and then any little babble in the rim picks up. i converted back to centre pulls ,and now am waiting on a top hat to run disc brake rear.see andy inchville
  6. oh and 4 parts i use ebay almost exclusively,