Auto clutch for 2 stroke

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    I was browsing the Grubee web site and noticed they have an automatic clutch and pull start for a 2 stroke engine. I was wondering if this would work with the SBP setup that allows you to use your bikes gears? Any thoughts on this?

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    Welcome to MBc. I can't help much with your problem, but you could try our 2-Stroke Forum, General Discussion area, and our Search Functions. We have a lot of very talented folks here that should read your questions and offer some insight. Good Luck. Could you tell us your name, where you are, and what you're riding? This all might help things.
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    I noticed that you have been a member for a bit.........take Patricks advice and post in the proper forum.
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    Thank you, Stan4d for helping out...should now have all the info needed to get some help.
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