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Started this build a couple weeks ago just to see if. It's coming together. The exhaust header was a real head scratcher, it was coming off the engine right beside the hinge. I still want the bike to fold when it's all done. Just a sample, stay tuned. 50cc bust or boon.


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Made the recommended clutch cable mount and put it on the engine. Mounted my chain tensioner, works good.


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Most friction drive kits use a cent clutch. I added a cent clutch to my frame mounted 2 stroke once. It worked well in heavy traffic.
Well I ran into a little snafu with my front wheel when I went to change the rubber. The axle is stripped, the PO/POs, forced a wrong thread nut on and messed up the wheel on both sides. The replacements that I can find are all 10 mm axles and mine has an 8 mm axle. I would really like to keep this wheel, it's 36 spoke compared to the 28 spokes on most small bikes. Anyone know where I can find a 8 mm axle?
I almost got away with not needing a chain tensioner, but she's a little loose. Any recommendations.

could of taken a link out, put the top of chain on then slowly rolled the tire back, it would of felt tight but keep rolling it would of popped on
might even need a half link instead of full link where you took link out,

it will be tight ish at first but on first ride it will be in perfection mode when done i'd say a mile if that
Just about finished, just a few little things to button up.
Pulled the head to check the condition. How about that, 4 lock washers and 3 flat. Head mating surface has lots of nicks and gouges.


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Forgot to mention, upgraded my plug wire to an 8 mm MSD street firewire. I had to whittle down the end with my finger sander to get it to fit the CDI.
So many good details on your motor bike. I think you made folding motor bikes cool again.
Thanks wheelbender. I hope to go out for a test drive on it next weekend. Just as soon as I finished building it, it starts to snow and get very cold.
So, the test drive got put off for a couple weeks, but, as soon as I see a little pavement, I'm off.
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