Automotive engineering student but first time motorbiker!!

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  1. LedSledJoe

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    So I was thinking to myself, why the **** am I gonna sit around and commute around on a bus or conversely pay 200 dollars a month for car insurance when I can just hook-up a bicycle? I kinda stumbled upon the idea one day and ran with it. After reading countless posts from you guys, trying to build my confidence up, I went ahead and spent my paycheck on parts...
    So I ordered:
    1.) GRUBEE 2011 SkyHawk GT5 66cc/80cc Angle Fire Slant Head Bike Motor Kit, Standard Finish from .
    2.) Deluxe HD Shifter Kit II from
    3.) Expansion Chamber from sick bike parts.

    What do you guys think? Oh the bike I'm attempting to mount everything on is a Diamondback Overdrive 1990's something or another.

    Thanks and am looking forward to reading up on all these helpful posts. Wish me luck!

  2. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Welcome to the club, LedSledJoe.

    You have chosen excellent parts, especially the shift kit and pipe.

    What size tires are you using? if using larger diameter tires, ya might want to use the 9t sprocket.

    What size chainring sprockets are you going to use?
  3. Al.Fisherman

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    Welcome to the forum, for those that this will be your first build, I have compiled a list of things that ā€œIā€ do before installing a Chinese HT engine on a bike frame. Some are needed and other will help with the longevity of the engine itself. Happy riding, and be safe.
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  4. jaguar

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  5. LedSledJoe

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    thanks, guys....made my first blunder today...broke the piston am waiting for some new ones and zip ties to jam the piston back in the cylinder.
  6. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    I never use anything other than my fingernails to close the rings. Women have tried to talk me out of having fingernails but I ignore them. They are tools with a million and one uses.
    Put the piston at very bottom.
    Lube cylinder and lower it onto the piston so that it rests on the top ring.
    Press both ring ends inward and the cylinder will slide down till the next ring.
    Use fingernails on next ring.
  7. Al.Fisherman

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    Much like you do, but the piston is removed, and I find it might be easier for those new to these engines. Heck, it's easier for me and I have over 50 years experience.
    Read paragraph #4
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