Automotive micro trailers

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    These trailers are a viable option for greater load carry capacity over a single axle than many dedicated bicycle trailers, yet would be a perfect match for a motorized bicycle doing heavy haul.

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    Dang, wish the moto-mule was around a couple years ago, I would have bought one for my V-Strom! I spent $650 on a hitch from Australia. Just sold it 6 months ago. Might be able to use one for my 1995 Geo Metro - LOL!!!

    I was going to ask this company to make a locking device for a 96 quart cooler:

    I'll send a link to to put a bug in their ear about the locking system.

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    I would be worried about idiots jumping on and trying to ride it, every time I stop or slow down at a junction.
    At the moment I have one of those cheap chinese BoB-lookalikes and I know it won't take the weight of a drunken lout, so I just don't stop or slow down at junctions if there's anyone around. :helmet: