avenger 85 wrist pin


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Nov 18, 2023
Hey guys got a quick question? My dumba$$ lost the piston to my new avenger 85 engine I ordered one last night but it doesn't say it comes with one it says it comes with a ring but says nothing about the pin or clips I ordered some clips for them as well but they don't sell the pin separately so my question is is there any wrist pin I could oder that would fit. I've tried to ask that question to california motor bikes directly but they said they don't sell it separately and they didn't say it come with one. What do ya'll think?
How you lose a piston? You ordered a new piston? So I'm guessing you also lost the wrist pin. Did you also lose the bearing?
Remember the Meatball that rolled off the table :ROFLMAO:

🎶 "On top of my workbench all covered with grease , I lost my poor piston when somebody sneezed, it rolled off the table and onto the floor, I lost my poor piston it rolled right out the door" 🎶
If somebody with an avenger 85 can measure the width of the stock one it wouldn't be hard to match it up.

If this is true then it would definitely be a good option. Or, with measurements we could confirm if a Stihl 046 wrist pin may work.
The phantom 85 pin will work, try Bicycle-engines.com
Man my dumb a$$ lost the whole damn thing I've looked high and low its like the old books the borrowers took it. I'm amazed at my own stupidity some times lol.
It's the Engine Gods having you misplace you piston to give you some time to think about your project so you don't make any foolish assembly mistakes, Take this time to do some research