Average Miles per Gallon (MPG)


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Jan 15, 2008
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hi everyone

i was just wondering what everyone's average miles per gallon was? could you post your engine specs and your average mpg.

cheers everyone :D
I did a map quest of my route one time,but I use the bike trail so it may be off by a mile either way,then after a round trip I checked to see how much gas I had left.
After a round about figure of 60 miles,I found I still had 1/4 tank of gas in my Happy Time tank. So I figured 20 miles every 1/4 tank,80 miles a full tank,full tank is 1/2 gallon so total MPG on my Happy Time is 160 MPG.
It's the 70cc engine.
Take into account too that I shut my engine off a lot on my travels to be courteus to the others on the trail and it's shut down when I roll downhill so your mileage would be different if you like your engine idling when not in use.
I also ride with the engine just purring with the 44 tooth sprocket average speed between 10 and 15 mph.
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i've done the math. 70cc, Keihin PC10c carb, 36tooth sprocket. i avg a measley 100mpg. i ride it like an idiot, though.
My latest, 80cc HappyTime 44 tooth on a big cruiser. Exactly 119 mpg. Others have got 87, 118, 122


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On my '46 Columbia cruiser I have a 48cc Grubee with the 50t rear sprocket. I haven't figured it exactly, but it's in the neighborhood of 120mpg.
I've only gone through about half a gallon so far, but I've gone what seems like 40~50mi so far.

20" wheels, 33cc engine, 44t sprocket
At 269 pounds, I am one of the heaviest rider on the site. And at that weight, I seriously doubt that I will be getting 120 MPG. So now I'm curious as to how many gallons I'll actually be getting when I finally get my motor installed.

It will be an interesting experiment.
Ride slow and you might be surprised. These engines burn the most when it's winded out and the least when it's just purring.
30 miles an hour on a bicycle must be really scary. I'm definitely not a speed demon. I just need a motorized bicycle to help get me up the hills on my town. Besides, there's just not that many places you can simply floor it within the central part of town.

Lugging my lard butt up and down all these hills will really drag down my MPG.

I have tried to find an exact answer but I haven't seemed to have found it - What benefits do a 50 tooth sprocket have over the standard 44 tooth sprocket? Does it offer more pulling power? Does it help the engine not work as hard as it might with a 44 tooth? I am buying an engine in a few days and the engine I chose comes with a 50 tooth sprocket.
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