Awesome Bikes!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mikem, Dec 28, 2008.

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    i just discovered the prices! wow!

    just kiddin ya.

    they are pretty cool. i do like the Secret Service ride.

    they need motors.
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    Need Motors

    Hey Spunout,
    I just discovered the prices too ... I have to second your "Wow"! Great looking bikes and I imagine the quality is high but my budget says "no". Glad I live close to Wallyworld!

    Here's another cool bike site I just came across reading another thread ...
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    With prices like that $ 2400.00
    I dont thing the chinese have anything to worry about.
    Give me that $ 97.00 Walmart special !!!!
    Could you imagine getting the first scratch on that baby !!!
    Kinda like when the grocery cart hits you brand new car !!
    But I guess you get what you pay for, and that is one sweet bike...
    I will keep the link in case I win the LOTTO !!!! LOL
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    More Cool Bikes

    Man ... them is cool bikes too! Somehow I just can't quit wincing at the prices though. :ack2: $2300 for a tricycle? I only paid $2350 for a brand new station wagon ... of course it was a 1973 Opal ... but it had 4 wheels and a motor! Oh how I miss the good ol' days.! :wheelchair:
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    yeah....Here's to the good ol' days!! :cheers2:

    Seems like we've found some mighty high $ toys. I've been drooling over the organic engines' SUV for years.....way before I started motoring.
    Eventually, I'd like to build tribute to their design, of course. ;)

    :rofl: :smilielol5: I never thought of that!!
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    That is just

    Too Cool :jester:
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    awesome photos'd you sneak those in on me?


    Let the bidding commence!